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After a few relatively quiet weeks,the arson that occurred Saturday at Café Liana in Montreal suburb Rivière-des-Prairies could mean the beginning of a renewed tensions within the Montreal Mafia.

Marco Pizzi is suspected of being a cocaine importer and is currently charged in connection by the Clemenza investigation led by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 2010 and 2011.
According to our information and sources, the Liana café, located at 7310, boulevard Maurice-Duplessis, whose window was damaged by a Molotov cocktail to 5 h 30 Saturday morning, was controlled - at least until recently - by Marco Pizzi, suspected of being a cocaine importer and currently accused in connection with the Clemenza investigation by the RCMP in 2010 and 2011. Pizzi was arrested last May as part of this investigation and released a few weeks later, pending further proceedings.
On 1 st August, the 46 year old man Marco Pizzi was victim of a murder attempt when two individuals rammed his vehicle with their van on Avenue de la Grande-Allée, in Montreal East.
When Marco Pizzi got out of his car, he noticed that the occupants of the other vehicle were holding weapons and immediately fled and managed to avoid an attempt on his life.The suspects, one might ask if their intention was to kidnap Pizzi, ran to their getaway car before evaporating in nature. One of the suspects has associations to street gangs, but was arrested a few days later by the SPVM.

Café is KNOWN to police.
During major police investigations in recent years, scores of individuals linked to the mafia or organized crime , have led them to Liana cafe.
It has been reportedly that the property was controlled by Tonino Callocchia, suspected of being a lender and cocaine importer and an associate of Pizzi, murdered in a bar of the Rivière-des-Prairies, the XO Bistro, November 30, 2014.
The police does not exclude that Callocchia was the victim of a set up. Reportedly, he and Pizzi were to take part in a meeting which was apparently first convened at Liana bar and continue at bistro XO.
By coincidence, Pizzi was not a victim of events, but sources do not rule out that he could also have been targeted by the attackers.
The Liana coffee was formerly calle Boca coffee. In December 2010, investigators from the Organized Crime Division of the Montreal police had raided the Boca coffee as part of a project called Alkali for the purpose to end a wave of arson attacks against Italian cafes of Montreal, conducted at the height of the coup attempt carried out against Rizzuto, weakened by Project Colisée.
Last spring, following an agreement with the owners, the commission of Alcohol and Gaming, suspended the license of Boca cafe for 23 days after finding various breaches of the law. In particular, the board had not been notified of the name change from Boca Café to Liana Cafe.
In June 2014, an inspector from the agency was among others that found that the cafe service desk was not functional, the fridge was locked and not functional and there was no cash register.
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