Published April 13, 2016 at 9:04 | Updated at 9:04

La Presse
Mathieu Desjardins, 27, whose father Raynald Desjardins is regarded by the police as a major player in Montreal organized crime, was sentenced to a year in prison for possession of a weapon Tuesday at the courthouse in Montreal.

This provincial sentence is a victory for his lawyer, M e Jean Cordeau, which called for a year, while the prosecution wanted a sentence ranging from two and a half years to three years.

In his decision, Judge Jean-Pierre Boyer of the Quebec Court took into account the lack of criminal history of the accused, the fact that he pled guilty and a report was favorable which among his "dynamism, its good organization, maturity and motivation" to keep the efforts for a successful future.

Mathieu Desjardins was arrested by patrol SPVM as he left a jewelry store downtown Montreal, June 6, 2012. The police were called by an employee who had seen a handgun in the bag back of the suspect, now commercially as a single client. In searching her bag, patrol have found a 9mm pistol loaded with eight bullets and whose serial number had been obliterated.


Mathieu Desjardins pleaded guilty to a weapons possession charge in May 2015. During sentencing submissions to impose, he explained that he had bought the gun a few days after the attempted murder against his father, in Laval, September 16, 2011, because he feared for his life. He also told that these are the contacts he has made while working in the bars which enabled him to obtain this weapon on the black market. Finally, Mathieu Desjardins also admitted to making marginal meetings in the past, but said he was not attracted to this lifestyle.

Today, the young man is co-owner of a fitness center. Mathieu Desjardins will likely serve at least half of his sentence before getting parole.

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