Friday, April 8, 2016 1:32 p.m.
Update Friday, April 8, 2016 1:32 p.m.
The Montreal mafioso Girolamo Del Balso likely spend the next four years in a penitentiary in Arizona, after being found guilty of possession of 50 kilos of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking.
The man of 45 years - the younger brother of one of the leaders of the clan Rizzuto arrested and convicted following Operation Colisée November 2006, Francesco Del Balso - recorded the plea Wednesday in Superior Court of the County of Mohave , learned the Journal.
Less than two months after his arrest, he accepted a settlement offer that included a sentence of four years in prison, said to us the prosecutor, Mr. Mark Barlow.

Judge Steven Conn postponed the sentencing until next month to allow a probation officer to prepare a report assessing the Quebec detainee and whether the suggested sentence is appropriate. Del Balso is liable to a maximum penalty of five years in prison under his crime.
The charge of transporting or importing cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, which would carry a punishment three times more severe, was abandoned as a result of negotiations between the prosecution and defense.

Careless driving
February 17, Girolamo Del Balso was stopped on Interstate 40 by a state patrol to have stuck too closely another motorist.
Finding his behavior "suspicious", the "State Trooper" then requested assistance from the Kingman Police and its canine unit to search the Canadian vehicle.
The tracking dog police, a German shepherd named Amigo, quickly sensed the 50 kilos of white powder concealed inside a gym bag in the trunk of the car.
The value of the drug, estimated at US $ 3.7 million by the police, was most likely for the Canadian market, according to her.
Mafia destabilized
In police circles, they were astonished Girolamo Del Balso could serve as mere "mail" to carry such quantity of drugs, given the important role that played his older brother Francesco in the upper echelons of organized crime Italian.
The Montreal Mafia is currently destabilized. Its main alleged leaders - lawyer Leonardo Rizzuto, son of Vito Rizzuto, Sollecito and Stefano, the son of Rocco Sollecito, who was a staunch ally of the deceased godfather - have been held for a police raid in November 2015 was also the leader of the Hells Angels Salvatore Cazzetta, and a number of street gangs, Gregory Woolley.
Five days before his brother arrest,Francesco Del Balso was transferred in a halfway house, after more than nine years of incarceration.
But the murder of his friend and partner, the aspiring godfather Lorenzo Giordano, shot in the parking lot of a training center in Laval, March 1, prompted correctional authorities to bring the penitentiary in Drummondville to better ensure protection, fearing that the same fate.
Francesco Del Balso - who was a lieutenant of the former interim head of the Mafia, Francesco Arcadi - will soon be heard by the Superior Court hoping to overturn the suspension of his parole.
He had made about him during the Charbonneau Commission, whereas we had broadcast the recording of a telephone conversation in which Del Balso warned a contractor of Quebec not to return to ceramic works in Montreal. "Because next time, you will leave no around here, OK?", Had said the mafioso before hanging up.

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