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La Presse April 2, 2016
Pompa Desiderio, considered by police as the one responsible for collecting money from sports bets for the Montreal Mafia, failed Wednesday to convince the commissioners to grant him parole.
Pompa, a 38 year old colossus, was arrested in possession of a weapon then charged that he was in his car in December 2010, a month after the assassination of the old godfather Nicolo Rizzuto.During an ensuing search at his home, investigators found other weapons, ammunition and money. In 2014, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years in prison.
Commissioners parole Wednesday Pompa confirmed that he was wearing a bulletproof vest and he was still armed in the period before his arrest because he feared for his life, he added. He said he agreed to keep a weapon that once belonged to a friend. The name of this friend does not appear in the commissioners' decision, but everything indicates that this is Ennio Bruni, then a faithful of Rizzuto killed he left the coffee Bellerose in Laval in September 2010 at the height of the coup attempt against the Sicilians. Police believe also that Pompa has since replaced Bruni in the new organizational chart of the Montreal Mafia.
Pompa Desiderio had a criminal record before this conviction. He denied being part of the Montreal Mafia, contrary to the assertions of intelligence reports.
Against the advice of Pompa release agent, the Commissioners refused to grant him parole. In particular, they raised the fact that during his incarceration, Pompa "had some influence in the penitentiary, it was observed directly under other influential members of the mafia and that he participated in meals where only members organized crime were invited. "
"The fact that you were constantly reinforced during your illegal activities demonstrates a propensity for violence and considerable danger to society. Even if you have not broken your requirements during your freedom on bail, the Commission believes that you have not changed your marginal values and delinquent since your arrest. Your crime is more serious than indicated by your record, "write the commissioners in a decision of five pages made on Wednesday night.
Although it has been a failure, Pompa will not have to wait very long for his freedom. His release is scheduled for the fall.