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Tuesday, March 8, 2016 3:01 p.m.
Update Tuesday, March 8, 2016 3:05 p.m.
One of the last men of honor at the Montreal Mafia may have been killed because he wanted to keep to himself much of the income of Italian organized crime. Sources consulted by our Bureau of Investigation believe that the hypothesis holds up.
Shortly before his release, on December 8, Lorenzo Giordano had been assigned 25% of the revenue of the "Book" of the Mafia.
This famous book is actually a notebook in which the accounting of paris illegal activities of the Mafia is registered. Normally, the person who owns the book harvest millions of dollars per year.
The book been so coveted that many criminals who controlled part were, too, murdered.
The loan shark Roger Valiquette and Tonino Callochia gangster suffered the same fate as Lorenzo Giordano in 2013 and 2014.
Lorenzo calm
"The Italians wanted to buy peace with Lorenzo just before his release from prison," said a police source.
"By giving him part of the book, Stefano Sollecito [interim ex-mafia godfather] thought they could calm him," she continues.
The problem, according to our sources, is that the mafia in power seems to have forgotten that the boiling Lorenzo Giordano and his cronies (Francesco Arcadi and Francesco Del Balso) had 100% of the famous "Book" before being arrested after operation Coliseum in 2006 and not the 25% lean that we wanted to give them.
Upon his release from prison, Giordano who resided in a Sherbrooke Street halfway house would have undertaken to regain control of what he had lost.
"If I try to do you a favor by giving you a quarter of something you already owned, you'll tell me what?" Asks a source.
The following
Several observers of the Montreal underworld world believe that future decisions of Rocco Sollecito, a faithful ally of the former godfather Vito Rizzuto, will be crucial to the survival of the Sicilian clan.
Since the imprisonment of his son Stefano, the veteran would have taken a more active role in the daily operations of the Mafia.
Members of the Montreal Mafia discreetly attended Tuesday's funeral Lorenzo Giordano, celebrated one day week to the day after he was murdered in his car outside a gym in Laval.
According to our sources, no criminal was interest too publicly exhibit at the funeral of one of the men who could lead the Montreal Mafia.
Indeed, the event was scrutinized closely by the police who are trying to determine what new alliances that is about to form organized crime in Montreal.
At least three unmarked vehicles also housed police officers taking pictures of these criminals and note in a notebook the names of those who are not.
The criminals tried to be discreet so that several went into hiding at the funeral Loreto.
Entrance through the garage
Lot, Mario Sollecito (Stefano Sollecito brother) and Nic Spagnolo (alleged member of the mafia table) entered the sly by the interior garage of the funeral complex, owned by the Rizzuto family.
In the past, the police gave much importance to the fact that Italian criminals are exposed or not living Loreto.
"The fact that a murder victim is exposed in Loreto could give us an indication that she had not been awarded by the Rizzuto clan. But things have changed is not so clear now, "said a source familiar with the anti-mafia fight.
" Dad "
At the end of the funeral, the body of 52 year old man was taken to the church of Mary Help of Rivieres-des-Prairies by a procession of ten cars, five limousines bearing flowers showers with the mentions "Zio" and "Papa".
No registration on bouquets seemed to suggest that they could come from prominent Sicilian families.

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