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And do you know of anyone whom, as they describe, would have a "strong familial tie" to the Rizzutos aside from Leonardo?

I'm not sure whether those words are used to describe this person's relationship with Rizzuto. But I can't think of anyone else and you may very well be right.

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I was thinking Stefano Sollecito, but it's been a while since I read the book and don't remember the clean record part (not saying anyone is lying, I'm saying my memory sucks....lol)

Stefano was indicted in 2002 and served prison time.

You're right, I'm sorry. Here's the exact words from the passage:

"Police surveillance were startled in early 2014 to see Vito's last consigliere Rocco Sollecito making the rounds with a fresh face in the milieu. This man has a clean criminal record but enjoyed a tight, affectionate tie to Vito. Sollecito seemed bent on introducing him to everyone who was anyone in his world. As he made the rounds with Sollecito, the man carried himself with the utmost seriousness,as one might expect from the new boss of a major crime family."

Definitely sounds like they may have been describing a family member, like a son. And the police being startled part, may be in reference to them finding it very surprising that one like Leonardo were personally involving himself in his fathers criminal affairs.

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