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As to what Giordano's funeral-home visitation at the Loreto means, I don't know how to interpret such facts anymore. Frank Cotroni's visitation was there in 2004; the visitation for Giuseppe De Vito's murdered daughters was held there in 2009; and the visitation for De Vito himself was held there.

Lorenzo LoPresti's visitation was held there as well even though he had betrayed the Rizzutos by siding with Montagna.

And I wonder whether De Vito had any say over where his daughter's visitation would be held since he was hiding out in Toronto. Also, I remember that you stated that you found some evidence that De Vito and Vito Rizzuto had reconciliated before De Vito's death.

Lo Presti's visitation at the Loreto is yet another headscratcher. I didn't find Emilio Cordileone's visitation there to be puzzling except at first--I just think that a lot of the crime reporters and authors in Quebec have wrongly guessed, as we posters do all the time here and elsewhere, who in the Montreal Mafia was or is supposed to be aligned with whom.

When De Vito was on the lam, he did not seem to stay put in Toronto. I am fairly certain he was surveilled in Montreal during the close to four years he was on the run (from 2006 to 2010). For example, there are reports he made the effort to see his daughters once in a while. He also got his mistress in the Montreal area pregnant during that time period, but then again we don't know how much time she spent in Toronto. I agree with you about his very likely having little input into his daughters' funeral arrangements. Maybe he didn't have any input about his own.

I had speculated that Vito Rizzuto and De Vito (or De Vito's associates) had reconciled their differences after I reliably found out about De Vito's visitation having been held at the Loreto--I found out well afterward. But that isn't much evidence of a reconciliation; so I still have no idea why De Vito's visitation was at the Loreto.

Lo Presti's mother (Rosa Lumia) and Domenico Manno's wife (Carmela Lumia) are sisters--could that be the reason Lo Presti's visitation was held at the Loreto? I have no idea.

Tonino Callocchia was described in newspaper articles both as a possible successor to Rizzuto and as a member of the anti-Vito camp. Leonardo Rizzuto and Charlie Renda were seen at the funeral Mass for Callocchia, but the latter's visitation was not at the Loreto. Why not? Again, I have no idea.