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It's not a question of rumours--the Registraire des entreprises in Quebec is a business registry for the province that allows you to search for corporate information for numbered companies.

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Freddy Ruscitti has long been listed in the corporate information for the business entities for the funeral homes owned by Rizzuto family members, going as far back as when the funeral home was still on Beaubien in St. Leonard (St-Léonard). I don't believe Ruscitti is either Sicilian or Calabrian, as the surname is distinctly from the Abruzzo region.

As to what Giordano's funeral-home visitation at the Loreto means, I don't know how to interpret such facts anymore. Frank Cotroni's visitation was there in 2004; the visitation for Giuseppe De Vito's murdered daughters was held there in 2009; and the visitation for De Vito himself was held there.

Posters may recall the kerfuffle when the imprisoned Raynald Desjardins requested and received a letter from Ruscitti shortly after Jos Di Maulo's death that stated the Di Maulo family had never asked for Di Maulo's visitation to be held at the Loreto, nor that the Loreto had refused the Di Maulos' desire for visitation to be held there. Writing in La Presse, David Santerre reported that the Di Maulo family's choice to have the visitation at the Magnus Poirier home was interpreted by some observers (of organized crime) as a reflection of tensions between the Rizzuto crime group and the deceased Di Maulo's associates. See http://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/justic...s-tensions.php.

Those in the Montreal area who are regular folk and happen to be paesani of the Rizzutos do not have a choice when making funeral arrangements in advance or upon the death of a relative--as far as the selection of the funeral home goes, the visitation has to be at the Loreto. End of story. I'm beginning to wonder, when the Rizzuto organization has held sway all these decades, whether there has been some similar underworld protocol for the funeral-home visitation with respect to Italian crime figures in, or associated with, the Montreal Mafia--regardless of tensions.

Thats how I'm thinking as well.