Salvatore Catalano hasnt been mentioned through testimony, or prosecutors, or informants or FBI affidavits in ANY Bonanno cases in years. The FBI has a pretty good idea of the Bonanno hierarchy, and they've had such knowledge which accounted for multiple changes of guard, and Catalano has not been mentioned in any of them. There's been no mention in any trials of him having a crew or even being involved in any illegal activity within the last two decades, almost. I really don't think he has a hand in anything going on in Montreal, nor does he have enough current status, to "back" anyone. Just think about it, if he was active, his name wouldn't have come up by now in some investigations? Like at all? Any? Fat Tony Rabito was older and released the same year, and his name has come up multiple times in relation to Bonanno activity, just recently last year when he was being visited by Pallazolo, when Pallazolo was attempting to enlist some support against Cammarano Jr. Its been quiet for Catalano. Which is a rarity when it comes to Bonanno Family mob guys.

As said before , there's been no proof of Frank Cali's involvement with Montreal, Ontario? Yes. But none for Montreal. The last known Gambino/Montreal ties, I believe were Joe LoPresti, Nick Sr & Sciascia and the drug traffickers of the Gotti crew.

And Buffalo, is defunct. I'd be willing to consider all this information, if actual evidences, circumstantial or whatever are put forward, though.

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