The name of the game is money. Perhaps I should have said the remains of the Buffalo Canadian faction. Vito Rizzuto made a lot of connections and did quite a bit of joint venture to start pipelines with other groups and families. Frank Cotroni had done the same thing from the mid 1980s until his death. There is a lot of money to be made in Montreal, and Montreal mobsters who went to prisons in the US, during the 1980s to the early 2000s, have been getting released since everything has been happening in Montreal since the late 2000s. These guys are forgotten by the journalists and Mafia leaders in Montreal, they have made connections while state side or a broad, with other gangs and crime families. Vito was strong cause a lot of incarcerated guy were still loyal to Vito, and passed a long information and joint ventures to their Captains.

I say different about Bonanno, Gambino, and Buffalo roles in Montreal. Salvatore Catalano is said by FBI agents, again by FBI agents that he had returned to Sicily, but that is not what immigration is saying. Salvatore goes back to Carmine Galante, and has a lot of strong connections that are overlooked in Montreal. Frank Cali of the Gambino family had a lot of connections before the bodies started to drop in Montreal, and still does, but this was before he was bumped up to Underboss, plus he maintains contact with Toronto. Finale there is Dante of Buffalo family who I at first thought had retired in 2006, but was still running the crew through his son, while he was meeting with other Canadian mafia leaders, notable those in Montreal. Dante family had and has more connections than Dom Italiano/Joe P crew.

"I have this Nightmare. I'm on 5th avenue watching the St. Patrick's Day parade and I have a coronary and nine thousand cops march happily over my body." Chief Sidney Green