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I am not the one being hostile. Your the one that starts off telling people they do not understand and come across like you know it all. Maybe if you engage in dialogue rather than critizing people you may be taken more serious.
There has been lately more journalists out there theorizing the Toronto angle mendling in Montrea's affairs. Costa in the article mentioned Canada. As far as I know Quebec hasn't separated yet. So it includes Montreal and Toronto. You dismiss journalists of the Journal de Montreal,La Presee and testimony from a turncoat in Calabria who by the way had a brother who was killed in Toronto and is well knowledged of what is going on in Canada.
I have no problems about you reaching a conclusion other than mine, I will respect that. What I ask is that you respect other people opinions as well.

I've only seen one article that puts forth the Toronto theory. And not for nothing, but Laurentian who is somewhat educated on the subject and I believe may be an author himself, found it somewhat unlikely as well. There just isn't enough out there to support it right now. I never once said "nah you're wrong", just that I personally found it unlikely, because as of right now, there isn't anything to support the theory. I haven't seen one Lapresse article that suggest s Toronto 'Ndrangheta takeover since Giordanos shooting. They mentioned Vittorio Mirarchi being a part of the Calabrian cell of the Montreal Mafia, and having strong support from Ontario. So because of that, he shouldnt be excluded from the "next up" conversation. But him becoming boss is unlikely in itself, hes still in prison waiting to face trial for the Sal Montagna murder, and is a part of Desjardins group, which isnt very popular these days amongst the Montreal Underworld. Nor have I seen an article from Journal De Montreal implying it either. And again, I agree with Costa, the Sicilians are no longer the predominant OC group in Canada, nor is the Montreal Mafia for that matter. Its arguably the 'Ndrangheta, however that doesn't mean Costa was saying that the 'Ndrangheta control Montreal.