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Firstly,Thank you for your Montreal mafia history lesson 101 which I already know.
Secondly, your the one that neglects and does not understand not me.
Thirdly, you are making up things.Costa was not refering to the Montreal Calabrians.Read and do your research before you write.

Lol, why'd you just switch to this hostile dialect all of a sudden? #1. Giuseppe Costa wasn't from Montreal, he was from Toronto. #2. I assumed you were referring to Montreal since you mentioned your theory that this a coup by Toronto 'Ndranghesti, which is somewhat unlikely at this point. But the point still stands, Calabrian in Montreal, does not mean 'Ndrangheta nor 'Ndrangheta involvement. Guys like Arcadi and Giordano have ALWAYS had relationships with 'Ndranghesti from Ontario and Toronto, and still, a 'Ndrangheta takeover of Montreal Mafia rackets never really happened. Costa was right in the aspect that the 'Ndrangheta is the power in Canada now, I've said that on this forum before, so I don't know what I would need to research on that note. They've also become the most dominant organization in Italy as well, but you don't hear about them moving into Sicily and surrounding areas and taking over Sicilian Mafia rackets, this is somewhat the same situation. Even in the case of Joe Di Maulo, Sal Montagna & Desjardins. These guys didnt accomplish what they did on their own, it was mostly an inside job, but they had some help from Ontario & Toronto gangsters, maybe the same gangsters who aligned themselves with the Rizzutos when Vito was in power. Feeling Vito and the Rizzutos were history, they sided with whom it appeared were the new power, in order to continue the business relationships they had already had, not to takeover. Those guys became history, you dont think those same men then decided to do business with this "table" of sorts or with the co-bosses of Leonardo & Sollecito. Theres really been no evidence of a coup by 'Ndrangheta to try to take over Montreal from the Mafia that's already there. There's still little evidence of it now. Thats all I'm saying.