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And Montreal is notorious for guys doing hits and not being caught. Was the killer of Nicolo Jr & Sr ever brought to justice? Nope. What about Joe Di Maulo? Nope. What about Paolo Renda? Nope. Joe Renda? Nope. Rocco Violi? Nope. Paolo Gervasi? Nope. Ducarme Joseph? Nope. You have two hits in which guys got caught, and thats because in both cases those involved were using blackberries. And those who shot at Desjardins (the jet ski attempt youre referring to) werent even caught by the law, I believe. Just the bodyguard is sitting in jail now because they found out he lied to the responding officers about not firing his gun, yet shot himself, WITH his gun, to make it appear that the assassins shot him while he was defenseless. Believe it or not, there are places in the 21st century that are adept at this organized drug crime/mafia thing. They just arent in America.

I think that says more about the relative reach, resources, and competence of American law enforcement compared to Canada and elsewhere in the world than anything.

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