Rizzutos were aligned with Reds. And when Rizzuto was released from prison and reestablishing himself in the underworld, the Reds was the gang he sat down with and opted to operate with. The Blues reportedly were behind the firebombings and the extortions of Rizzuto owned cafes. Montagna and Tony Magi used them as sort of an extended army of soldiers. They also may have been behind the attempt on Desjardins, at the behest of Montagna, reportedly. Ducarme Joseph was murdered and the Blues were purposely left out of the new alliance set up by Vito post his release from prison. Because it's the Blues and Ducarme Joseph and his Haitians whom are suspected to have been behind the murder of Vito's son, Nick Jr, either on the orders of Tony Magi, or Sal Montagna or both, not The Reds. This again, according to reports and authors like Antonio Nicaso. Gregory Woollery is a full patched member of the Hells Angels now, however he left one of his immediate subordinates in charge of the Reds gangs, whom was also indicted and charged in the Project MAGOT & MASTIF investigations, I forget his name right now though. And Woolley appparently still had immediate contact to the Reds.

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