Sinatra makes some very interesting points, especially regarding the very intriguing timing of Giorlamo Del Balso being busted to Giordano being killed. While I agree with the idea that Arcadi, Del Balso and Giordano have historically been very close and are likely right back into the thick of things since their release from prison, I wonder if perhaps instead of this being a killing attributed to the Rizzuto crime group, it may instead be an inside hit.

Consider this, Del Balso was only released from prison a few weeks ago, only a week or so after that his brother is arrested in America with a quantity that at a minimum will end in well over a decade in prison or not unrealistically life in prison. Perhaps, and this is my own theory, the three aforementioned had just started their new inroads towards mafia supremacy or at least success and in one of their first ventures used one of their most trusted associates (blood is thicker then water after all) to transport a large quantity of cocaine for their first fresh from prison criminal escapade. But it went terribly wrong. Now Del Balso is under the most extreme of scrutiny, and his brother may be never again be a free man. So perhaps Del Balso, being something of a known hot head, decides to have Giordano killed.

Why? Well, for one, it could be pre-emptive, while Del Balso is not known for a soft touch, Giordano is truly a classic psycho gangster, and Giordano could realize that Del Balso would choose to align himself with family and bring the others down, so instead of waiting for Giordano to make a move, Del Balso makes the move first, and now he can rest a bit easier. The other idea is that perhaps Del Balso had no part in his brothers actions and instead it was all the idea of Giordano and Giordano alone to use Girolamo Del Balso for this drug run. Del Balso, in conjuncture with Arcadi possibly, realizes Giordano is a complete fool, ruined his brothers life and is again a loose canon and again, have him whacked.

Just an idea I was batting around, in the end, like most murders up north, we may truly never know.

The name is forgettable, I hope the posts are not.