Eh, not really. Somewhat, but not really, as no one knows at this point how much control Leo Rizzuto & Stefano Sollecito actually exert on the street right now. And Arcadi & Co were just released from prison and are in halfway houses. But the Canadian authorities claimed project MAGOT & MASTIF and the arrests of co-bosses Leonardo Rizzuto & Stefano Sollecito, saved their lives as a hit was placed on them from within the Montreal Mafia. Personally, I thought that news strangely coincided with the Calabrian factions (Arcadi, Frank Del Balso & Giordano's) release from prison. So in my personal opinion, I'd have placed them behind the contract on Rizzuto & Sollecitos lives. The difference between the Colombo war is once again, this is all about drugs. Project MASTIF & MAGOT indictments imply that the Rizzuto clan, at least at the time of the arrests, still controlled a large portion of the Montreal drug trade, at least as far as cocaine goes, as opposed to the heroin, Leonardo's father and grandfather became big traffickers of. A RCMP chart released at the time showed that they were at the top of the Montreal underworld, the drugs flowed through the Rizzuto clan, Leonardo Rizzuto & Stefano Sollecito being the facilitators, and throughout the rest of the Montreal Mafia. Then onto the Hells Angels, and then passed down to the street gangs, mainly those under Gregory Woolley's control. It seems those within the Montreal Mafia wanted the spots of Rizzuto & Sollecito. Again, the timing of everything, I'd say it was the old Arcadi crew wanting what they feel they were owed. Its also interesting, to me, that this hit on Giordano came merely a week or so after Girolamo Del Balso, Franceso Del Balso's brother and presumably Giordano ally, is arrested seemingly transporting an massive amount of cocaine. Which may go to show that the Arcadi group were making in-roads into the perhaps formerly Rizzuto controlled drug/cocaine market. A week after his arrest, and Giordano is killed? In my opinion, and definitely dont take my word for it, the Rizzuto/Sollecito group or those loyal to them, let the Arcadi group pull on their own string until they bit themselves on the foot and revealed themselves for what they were, and then struck back.

Sounds real Mario Puzo-esque, but looking at the past of the Montreal Mafia, it seems to be a blueprint for an actual mafia novel.