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You join the mob up there you have a life expectancy of 1 to 3 yrs on the street. I would pass join the bikers. I wonder of the last 50 murders we now a hand full were made guys in the bonanno family if it was from galante rustelli or Massino days. If these guys are inducted lcn. Cause that would just make the old saying a made guy untouchable because up there they don't give 2 shits. What could this guy have done he's been out of jail 2 months and was in prison I'm guessing 5 yrs before. And don't they have cameras. You shoot someone in any city in mass your likely on cam. And we have these shot spotters everywhere so a gunshot pops off the whole station rushing to the scence. Get with the technology Canada.

Not going to get into this again, but the Rizzutos aren't Bonannos, neither is any other current member of the Montreal Mafia. And you're being naive if you think that Montreal doesn't have cameras. If you read the English article it says that the gym had cameras and that the authorities closed the place off to observe them and question the witnesses. You're also off the mark in your last comment about the Rizzutos/Montreal Mob not being LCN because they focus too much on drugs and were in wars with biker gangs and street gangs and other drug cartels. For the most part they weren't. In the Rizzutos case, they're links to the drug cartels in South America and Sicily made them the suppliers of the drugs the bikers and street gangs in Montreal sold. The Rizzutos have always been heavily intertwined with the Hells Angels, to the point where Salvatore Gervasi, son of Rizzuto soldier (according to some sources) Paolo Gervasi, was selling drugs for a rival biker gang, the Rock Machine, drugs that didn't come from the HA or the Rizzuto connection, and he was killed for it after refusing to stop, after being asked by Rizzuto members under the request of the Hells Angels. Its what led Paolo Gervasi to back away from the Rizzuto camp. Most of the Rizzutos conflicts were internal, even in the case of the Blues and Ducarme Joseph, after Vito was in prison, they were most likely acting on the orders of Salvatore Montagna and Tony Magi.