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One more thing. How organized is the montreal mob seems like there drug dealers with zero respect for lcn rules or so called rules. Killing people at there house in front of there wives. It's kinda cartel ish.

They're more than just drug dealers, if killing people in front of their homes shows zero respect for LCN rules, then Montreal has never been a stickler for the rules. That much is evident by how they usurped their Bonanno superiors and started to be more of their own family. American LCN rules, they probably care little for, but they've always operated like and followed similar patterns to the Sicilian Mafia. And guys have been getting killed on their doorsteps for centuries out there in the Montreal Mob.

And I don't think Raynald Desjardin's is plotting any murders right now. I know he's capable, but I don't think it's him who'd be targeting Rizzuto & Sollecito. Desjardins has his own problems with the Hells Angels and guys loyal to Mom Boucher. I think the answer is the most obvious one. And in the one of those articles which mentions a supposed plot on Rizzuto & Sollecito, they clearly state that it comes from within, meaning, it's coming from within the Montreal Mafia, not from anyone else. And it clearly said that guys were unhappy with their leadership. I'd point more towards Arcadi, Giordano & Del Balso than I would Desjardins.

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