Okay, new updates:

- This investigation was started in January 2013, a month after Vito Rizzuto died.

- Both Leonardo & Stefano are said by law enforcement to be the ones who took over the family after Vito died.

- Leonardo Rizzuto & Stefano Sollecito are alleged to have been the suppliers of narcotics to the Hells Angels and the other street gangs in Montreal.

- Gregory Wooley is alleged to be by law enforcement, as Nicaso always said, the link between the Montreal Mafia & The Hells Angels, as well as the street gangs.

- Cazzetta is accused and charged with distilling the illegal proceeds and collecting street taxes for the milieu.

- As I suspected yesterday, Lloris Cavaliere's arrest is in relation to him allowing his law office to be the safe haven of this triumvirate of Organized Crime. His office was used as a meeting spot to plan and plot criminal acts, which he actively participated in. Cavaliere is also suspected of being a long time member of the Rizzuto Family.

Mannnn, if it turns out they had that place tapped...

Oh, and I have yet to learn of Leonardo's or Stefano's or the Montreal Mafia period, being involved in the Desjardin's murder plot. Thats not to say they weren't involved, but none of the articles have mentioned that yet. An article by the National Post had an article and it stated that Mom Boucher, through an female messenger, plotted Desjardins along with Gregory Wooley. Messages were exchanged through the female, from Boucher, who then left the prison visits, back to the streets of Montreal and delivered said messages to Wooley. In the articles terms, Wooley then "executed" those messages. That could mean anything from using his own people and telling no one outside of those involved, or he could've recruited the help of the Montreal Mafia. I suspect more about that will be revealed later on, obviously.

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