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Yea, I definitely think the Rizzuto's were behind De Vito's death. Even before this, I believed that. I'm waiting to see if there's any news on wiretaps, because if there is, I'd bet money that a lot of them come from the lawyers office, which could mean that the stuff on those tapes can write a book. lol

And Dix, lol, I really didn't mean to brag, man, it's just nice to be right sometimes. lol

Do they have attorney-client priviledge in Canada like we do in the states? If they were meeting thinking they were in the clear and the government is going to somehow get that waved on a anti-mafia measure, well damn things are going to get wild.

And article posted in this thread suggests that they may have been what happened. That they met under the assumption of the "attorney-client" priviledge thing.