I haven't been on here in a while, but figured with the upcoming release of Arcadi, Giordano and Del Baso, that things would heat up on Montreal.

After reading a few of the recent articles, I have a few questions for posters who follow Montreal closely.

1. I'm trying to understand the role of Tonino Callochia. It seemed like he was close to Roger Valiquette, who was close to Dejardins (which would put him against Rizzuto?). Yet on the other hand, he seemed to become more notable after Rizzuto regained influence. Where did he stand during the war against the Rizzutos? Is there a definitive answer as to what side had him killed and why?

2. One of the articles mentions "the book", which was in the hands of Arcadi's lieutenants Giordano and Del Baso, then went to Valiquette, now Stefano Sollecito. "The book" seems to have significance for the clan in power due to financial reasons. Where does Valiquette fit into this? Also I'm assuming that Paulo Renda would have been in control "the book", leading to his kidnapping/disappearance?