Looks like things might be heating back up. They must love torturing these guys who thought they were going to get away with what they done when Vito died. No matter who is running the show they are going to continue going after these guys until they are all dead.

Google translate is not always the best, but it helps:

The gym targeted by the attack, 6183 located at the rue Marivaux, appears on court documents as the workplace of Giuseppe Fetta, 36, arrested in the roundup important Clemenza led by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Canada in June 2014 against three drug trafficking cells linked to the Mafia.

There is even written that it is the gym Fetta, but according to the Registrar of Companies, the 6183 Crossfit is the name of a nearby Roberto Bastone, one of the alleged leaders of one of the cell dismantled in the same police strike.

Fetta is charged with conspiracy, gangsterism and drug production in this case while Bastone, 43, faces charges of conspiracy, gangsterism, drug trafficking, importing narcotics, assault, kidnapping and extortion.

Bastone has no criminal history while Giuseppe Fetta was also arrested in 2006 in connection with the operation Colosseum and sentenced to a suspended sentence for possession of weapon.

At that time, Fetta was considered by police as part of the Lorenzo Giordano arms team, one of the captains of the leaders of the Montreal Mafia and sentenced covered after extensive investigation.

But according to police, subsequently Fetta would have ranked in the camp of the clan leaders who attempted to overthrow Rizzuto at the head of the Montreal Mafia in 2009 and 2010. He miraculously survived an attempted murder committed in December 2012, two months after the return to Montreal godfather Vito Rizzuto.

Quickly mastered

It was around 3 am this morning that 30 Montreal firefighters who came to control a fire in 6183 Crossfit gym, contacted the police to tell them that the front door of the business located at the corner of streets and Marivaux Prado was shattered and at least one incendiary device was thrown inside.

"There is some damage to nearby shops, but they are limited. We have no description of a suspect and the investigation was given to investigators Arson SPVM "describes Emran Abdullah, spokesman for the police.