Not even the establishment of a mafia roundtable has led to a total cessation of hostilities.

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Italian coffee considered by the police and the criminal underworld as a "hot spot" was the target of a Molotov cocktail in the night from Tuesday to Laval.

According to our information, the bar-restaurant Romcafé, located on Boulevard des Laurentides Vimont in the neighborhood, would be attended by individuals related to or close to the new leadership of the Montreal Mafia table set up in the death case Natural former Godfather, Vito Rizzuto, in December 2013.

Moreover, according to our sources, Vito Rizzuto would have gone to this place almost daily between his return to Montreal after his release from a US prison in October 2012, and his death.

A lieutenant of the Mafia, Tonino Callocchia, murdered in a bistro of Rivière-des-Prairies in fall 2014, have also been seen on numerous occasions in Romcafé during the same period.

"It's a message or a warning, and it is clear that it is people who are at this place, it is their place," believes one of our sources.

For now, the police do not know where the attack is coming.

In recent months, the informants told us of tensions or disagreements that exist within the Mafia, but it is too early to conclude that they are the cause of the incident.

During his time at the bar-restaurant Romcafé this morning, La Presse noted the presence of certain individuals at the crestfallen who seemed nervous.

It was about 4 pm when suspects or have (are) broken the window of the establishment with a tool and threw a Molotov cocktail inside.

A fire broke out early, but the flames were quickly extinguished, causing damage valued at less than $ 10,000.

"Investigators Arson Laval police went to the scene and interviewed witnesses. The scene was appraised, photos and samples were taken by police forensic identification. The owner was met and, for the moment, there are no suspects and the mobile remains unknown, "says Sergeant Frederick John of the Laval police.

In recent months, a dozen Molotov cocktails were thrown at cafes, restaurants, shops or cars, Montreal and the North Shore. It is not clear if some of these incidents are connected.

Last year, criminals fires were started in two restaurants in Montreal known to be frequented by people linked to the Mafia, La Cantina and Cavalli.