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surprised to see so many of you think bobby would be a good boss. he was hardly respected in NJ and barely even recognized in NY. people would be shorting him all day long and idk if he would be iron-fisted enough to deal with it without losing the spot eventually.

That's wrong. Maybe early in the series when he was first introduced, however around the time the show was coming to a close it was Bobby that Tony was taking with him to meetings in NY. And as mentioned, Phil specifically ordered the hit on Bobby instead of Paulie because Bobby had become more powerful than Paulie, he rose quicker and surpassed him, part of it was definitely because of his relationship with Tony, which also may have factored into Phil's decision because if you hit the boss, who's the first to retaliate other than the one who was closest to him? And that became Bobby. So, Bobby was definitely recognized in NY and respected in Jersey.