A year after his return home after six years in a maximum security prison in Colorado, Vito Rizzuto has indeed taken the reins of the Montreal Mafia , a feat that few experts would have thought possible .

According to Pierre de Champlain, Montreal Mafia expert , since his return to the Montreal area , Vito Rizzuto was able to assert his authority and bring renewed "relative peace between the various factions " of organized crime.

This " return to power " does not, however, done without the bloodshed . After the murder of his son , Nick Jr., in December 2009 and his father Nicolo , less than a year later , Vito and its allies probably wanted to avenge their own.

Although the Rizzuto clan was weakened when the sponsor returned to Montreal , "there fringes that are loyal during the time of his absence ," said M. de Champlain.

With the help of his faithful allies , the sponsor has seen its list of enemies to thin while many heads have rolled in the months that followed his potential return.

This is particularly the case of Joseph Di Maulo , which would have betrayed the Rizzuto clan , when Vito was in prison. He was assassinated in Blainville, only a month after the return of the head of the Montreal Mafia .

Antonio Nicaso , another expert from the underworld , for its part, believes that " Rizzuto clan took control of the street, but since the Charbonneau commission revealed links between the mafia and politicians, it will not be easy to rebuild the system and all the links he had created . "

Nicaso also believes that the head of the Sicilian clan rather thirst for revenge and does not necessarily intend to reestablish the links . He believes that Rizzuto other enemies on his list.

Much longer?

Still, experts say it is difficult to predict how long the reign of Vito Rizzuto will last, since it is already 67 years old .

"Is that one can say that the Rizzuto clan will rise from the ashes ? That I 'm not sure as the son of Vito was murdered , "said Pierre de Champlain.

Antonio Nicaso does not believe the Calabrian , who are very powerful in Ontario who are rivals of the Sicilians , necessarily want to take control of Montreal , when Vito Rizzuto will hand .

"It depends on the ability of Rizzuto ensure the transfer of power ," he has just started.

The side of the Police Department of the City of Montreal , nobody could answer questions from QMI Agency during the weekend.