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Vito Rizzuto imposes its law

Daniel Renaud
La Presse
Published June 3 2013 5:00 am|Updated 6:50 pm

A year ago, nobody thought that Vito Rizzuto return to Montreal. Eight months after his return, his clan is once again the most powerful in the city. If he could succeed in this tour de force, it is because the organized crime situation was relatively calm during his reign and his arbiter has earned him the respect of the criminal underworld. The largest organization of the Mafia, who does not like that the headlamps are trained on her, vraisemblement needed it to end its bloodiest episode of the last 40 years in Montreal.

"If Vito returns to Montreal, it will pass," had told La Presse a police officer a year ago, almost to the day. Today, it is clear that the police, like most people, was royally wrong about the chances of returning the sponsor, after nine years in the Canadian and U.S. prisons.

"The police and criminals have made the same mistake: they never thought would Vito," said another, more recently, demonstrating the evolution of the situation.

Since January, La Presse has ceased to attach the qualifier ousted after the word to describe godfather Vito Rizzuto. If it has been successful tour de force to regain control of the city in a few months, because of the respect that he dedicated to the criminal underworld, and since he became president of Board of Directors held in Montreal somewhere in the 90s crime. At the time he headed the Mafia with an iron fist in a velvet glove, everything was relatively quiet. The settling of accounts in all their forms were part of the decor, but were further apart.

But after his arrest in January 2004, and more particularly his extradition to the United States two years later, "the blood flowed," as he himself had prophesied the RCMP officers who 'escort.

In fact, in just nine years between his arrest on 19 January 2004 and today, at least 40 murders, 18 attempted murders, kidnappings and eight two disappearances related to Italian organized crime occurred in and around Montreal, as a compilation by La Presse.

This is the bloodiest in the history of the Montreal Mafia episode, including the fall of Violi, there are more than 30 years.


After his release in October, Vito Rizzuto was arrested in Toronto, to measure its support. Obviously, the great organization of the Mafia, who does not like that the headlamps are trained on it, either by violence or commissions of inquiry, needed him to end the bloodshed in Montreal.

Upon his return, the blood flowed more, but calm has returned for several weeks, a sign that clan has taken things in hand and others have had to rally, by choice or not. Police pressure that followed the arrest of two men after the murder of GaŽtan Gosselin, right arm kingpin Raynald Desjardins, probably slowed the enthusiasm to some, but sources have told us that Vito Rizzuto has launched an appeal for calm late March.

Since it would direct its affairs, Montreal or the Dominican Republic, and had even begun peace talks with his most bitter enemies. He even try to expand its influence in Sicily if we rely on an article in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that he described as "the undisputed leader of the Canadian Cosa Nostra."

In Montreal, Vito Rizzuto is seen regularly on the golf course or in a restaurant downtown in the evening. Its outputs are discrete and this will be the case as his honor will not be washed, as the murders of members of his own family will not be avenged. It will take however long it takes.

We should not be surprised if, once this is done, at age 67, he left the center stage to the next generation.

Peace talks underway

Press has learned that discussions aimed at establishing peace took place about three weeks ago between representatives of the sponsor Vito Rizzuto and his former lieutenant became enemy, the guy Raynald Desjardins.

"There have been negotiations and now the clans are at the stage of reflection. Let's see if it will work, but it is certain that goes closer to peace than to war, "a source told us last week.

In recent months, contracts had been put on the head of family clans Desjardins and Giuseppe De Vito, another leader at war with the Sicilians. They lived holed or had left the area. However, The Press has learned that these individuals were told, in recent weeks, they had nothing to fear and that they could return to the city.

During the appearance of the 26 people arrested last week following the dismantling of a network of drug traffickers, the accused were defended by lawyers who represented enemy clans in recent years - another relaxing currently prevailing in the mafia.

According to the main theory of the police, Desjardins De Vito and other chieftains as Salvatore Montagna Arcuri and brothers have formed an alliance to lead the Mafia after the overthrow of the Sicilians in 2010. But since the release of Vito Rizzuto, last October, several members of their clans were murdered. Desjardins including lost his brother, the influential Joe Di Maulo, and his friend and confidant Gaetan Gosselin. One who held this role for Giuseppe De Vito Vincenzo Scuderi was killed in January.