According to TVA Nouvelles -- and it's an exclusive! -- Vito Rizzuto has retained his crown. A lot of problems with the story (mostly factual errors), but I post items regardless of whether I agree with them.


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Vito Rizzuto is still the godfather
TVA Nouvelles
First published May 30, 2013 at 6:11 pm

Only eight months after his release from prison , Vito Rizzuto has indeed resumed its activities . TVA Nouvelles has learned that it is again considered the godfather Montreal .

Vito Rizzuto has spent the last six years in prison in Colorado, United States. Meanwhile, his opponents were eliminated one by one all employees including close family like his brother, Paolo Renda, his son, Nick Jr., and without that nobody rises to replicate.

"The Sicilians who were part of his clan had not abdicated. By cons, you could say they played the rather low "profile says specialist police investigations, Richard Dupuis.

In October 2010, his father, Nicolo, was killed at his home in front of his wife and daughter. The day of the funeral, we found a box on the front of the church.

It is an old custom that dates back to the origins of the Mafia. It was a message sent to Vito Rizzuto: "Are you ready to abdicate, or do you want us to continue the massacre?"

According to sources TVA Nouvelles, the package was sent from Woodbridge, Ontario. It is in this affluent suburb of Toronto, where the Board of Directors' Ndrangheta, the Calabrian mafia headquarters.

"It was two successful hair that Rizzuto was successful in 80: take control by eliminating the Calabrian clan," says Mr. Dupuis.

The response of the sponsor came shortly after his release from prison. In August, four senior members of street gangs are shot, including Chénier, Chief Red.

Since his return to Canada in October, nearly a dozen of his enemies have been eliminated, the Calabrian Joe Di Maulo, one of the most influential criminals Montreal.

To Ontario

More in Ontario does not dispute the authority of Rizzuto said Rob Lamberti, a journalist who covers the mafia Ontario for 30 years. According to him, he is back in power.

Vito Rizzuto has achieved the impossible with his personal aura, but his absence showed a lack of notes from the Sicilian clan. If Calabrian bow today is perhaps because they chose to wait before it disappears to regain control of Montreal.