In a Waukegan Tavern E. Barnett, a former North Side Gang hauler who had left the gang's employ bumped into a reflective George Moran who ruminated on Clark street (the massacre). "Those were good boys" he said to Moran.

Moran said that he hadn't forgotten and had gone some way to eveen the score despite the heavy police surveillance that was suffocating every move he seemed to be making at the time. He told the old North Sider that he had gone to the East Coast to kill Bob Carey, the main lookout who called the North Clark Street killers into action on that fateful day.

Carey and his girlfirend were found stretched out on the flooor and riddled with bullets. The murder was never solved.

The North Siders kept interests in the area well into the 30's . Bugs Moran wanted to move his gang to LA to move away from the glare of the law, really putting the fear into local villains and small time crooks who pleaded with the police to prevent Moran from setting up there.

Moran's links to St. Louis were strong and as his interests moved to the fringe of Chicago, the racetracks (owned by O'Brien in collusion with corrupt policial officials) and other clubs and locations the North Side Gang increasingly became dispersed, fragmented, went into bank robbery or became in later years absorbed into the East St. Louis organised crime faction which was run by Buster Wortman who had peace with the Outfit and stayed within his own territory.

The North Siders had contacts in Ohio, New York, Florida and California. When Frank Foster was arrested after a raid in the early 30's a letter was found that convinced the authorities the North Siders were moving in on LA. The LA Times noted "Moran has been in Los Angeles on more than one occasion. The authorities believe he may also have contacts in Florida.

(They) assert that Foster was paving the way for the extending of Moran's criminal enterprise here and that "the big boss" would arrive to make his headquarters only after preliminary details had worked out and "the business" was operating on a Chicago like basis.

A rattled local operative in the LA underworld was relieved this article had exposed the move, causing Moran to temporarily abort the operation gratefully informing a local reporter "If they'd ever put it over, we'd have had to fold up and get out of town cos we wouldn't have a Chinaman's chance of standing up to that level of competetion"

Moran planned to re-open the Sheridan Wave Club, scene of the St. Valenine's Day massacre, even sending out engraved invitations but the authorities turned him down.

Moran attempted to consolidate his power by tightening his alliances in St Paul-Minneapolis. Muscle power was needed in a war with the Weisman Gang of Kansas City and as the body count in the region started to rise it was clear Moran had stamped his authority on yet another conflict. He became embroiled in other conflicts in the region with many other rival factions.

Moran held busineess interests in clubs and businesses in Chicago such as th Central Cleaning Company, across Minnesota/St.Paul/the mid-West until his imprisonment and death. His operations extended northwards as the authorities put the squeeze on his North Side rackets and he took control of the gambling rackets in Wisconsin, remained a powerful underworld figure until that time. His ex-wife ran the Doll house, a famous hideout for the likes of Tommy Carroll, Dillinger and baby Faced Nelson.

Leo Mongoven and Bugs Moran would supervise slot machine rackets in Lake Country until 1936, when Moran's newer business interests took him elsewhere.

Wht remained of the Chicago North Side Gang (as recognised in the bootlegging war) largely disintegrated into different factions by the mid-30's. Leo Mongoven ran some minor book and slot machine action that the Outfit did not interfere with and he lived to a ripe old age passing away in 1980, a rare survivor from the North Side ranks. Some of the relatives of North Side members still hold business interests (legally) in the area today.

Sadly because alot of the Cops of the time were crooked and most of the media interest was in Capone alot of these great tales died with the North Side's activities.

The East St.Louis and Minneapolis organised crime elements kept their power base until the mid-80's.

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