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I forget the guy's name but I know he was such a degenerate gambler, his friends told him to build his own casino and gamble there so he'd stop losing all his money.

As I mentioned in my post above, the original owner was Billy Wilkerson. He was the publisher of the Hollywood Reporter, an LA trade journal.

In the movie "Bugsy," he's depicted as coming to Vegas for the first time during WWII. In reality, Siegel made his first trip to the Coast in '33, and more or less moved there permanently in '35. He'd been to Vegas many times, trying to push the Mob's racing newswire on the gambling joints, before he got interested in owning a casino.

Ntra la porta tua lu sangu sparsu,
E nun me mporta si ce muoru accisu...
E s'iddu muoru e vaju mparadisu
Si nun ce truovo a ttia, mancu ce trasu.