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yeah he was running the fam while on the lam and also orderign a bunch of hits on people he suspected of being informers or of double crossing him. read "Gaspipe:confessions of a Mafia Boss" its a good read!

Thats the thing though, everyone THOUGHT Casso was "suspecting" people of being informers....

He actually had a total of 5 FBI agents and local cops on his payroll(we all know about louie and steve) but he had Doug Mcane and others who would go straight to him and say:

"Hey so and so is cutting a deal or rolling over on you"

Then Casso would disbatch a hit team and kill them. No one, I mean no one ever knew other than Burton Kaplan Casso had these people telling him this.

This was infact one of the MAJOR reasons for his downfall, people thought he was killing people for no good reason and was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to paranoid. Well, he wasnt, no one knew he was being told these people REALLY were rats.

In turn, everyone was thinking, my god, am I next? is he going to suspect me?????

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