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After the US entered WWII, the government interned the French luxury liner Normandie, which was docked in NY harbor, and intended to turn it into a troop-carrying ship. A fire broke out when a workman got careless with a torch he was using near a pile of burlap bags. The ship capsized.

There are some who claim the Mob was behind the sinking in order to set up the atmosphere that lead to the Dewey deal.

I'm cynical by nature, so take this for what it's worth: That theory actually makes quite a bit of sense to me.

Not to pick nits, but it "just" capsized at the dock, rather that actually sink, I think. My question to anyone who knows anything about big ships would be- what about a fire causes a giant steel ship to capsize? i doubt that the fire burned a hole through the hull. Anyone?

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