I read the book that Paul Monette wrote using the Oliver Stone screenplay.I think that the book is a good base for made a tv serie on Scarface; in the book

Is write how was the life of Tony Montana and Manny in Avana before go to the US and how Tony get his scar and when was send in Angola to fight against the Portuguese army and how he escaped in a boat and arrived in Marseille and started disguided as a priest to rob the rich and bored rich ladies and how for a few don't entered the heroin traffick because was arrested and send back to Cuba.

The book descrive also the situation behind the Mariel bay landing and how the Cuban police forced many owners of luxury boats to take the so-called "anti-revolutionary elements" and how Tony when the ship broke during the crossing saved a boy from drowning.
It easly make a first part called "How Antonio Montana become Scarface" that start when Tony is a young boy and his granpa tell him how the life was good under Batista and there was the casinos and the hotel and continue when Tony start a weed ring for the soldiers and get and was scarred by a jealous husband and how later he killed him and for this was send in prison and after in angola for finish with the Mariel bay trip to Miami.

And a second part where its showed as Tony get the green card and started a own drug ring but was robbed by his own pushers and start to work for Lopez.
The book also explain the history of Elvira that started as waitress and small time whore until become the lover of a rich man inLos Angeles and here meet Lopez,there would be great to wath this two stories these two misfits who end up meeting in the violent miami of the 1980s.