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#741362 - 09/23/13 07:14 PM Re: Detroit Partnership Today ? [Re: MacombGuy]
DoubleZ Offline

Registered: 08/21/13
Posts: 8
Originally Posted By: MacombGuy
For the record, here is my list -- along with the precise (or general) ages of the members. I'm working on a chart with recent pictures of these guys.

Official Boss – Giacamo “Black Jack” Tocco (85) – semi-retired
Acting Boss – Jack “The Kid/The Bathrobe” Giacalone (63)
Underboss – Joseph “Joe Hooks” Mirable (late-70s)
Consigliere – Dominic “Uncle Dom” Bommarito (late-70s)
Street Boss – Peter “Blackie/Specs” Tocco (67)
Counselor Emeritus – Antonino “Tony the Exterminator” Ruggirello, Jr. (78)

Anthony “Chicago Tony” La Piana (mid-70s)
Anthony “Tony Pal/The Butterfly” Palazzola (73)
Joseph “Joey Jack” Giacalone (74)
David “Davey the Doughnut/Ace” Aceto (55) – took over Bommarito's old crew
(Acting) Paul “Big Paulie” Corrado (54) – under Peter “Blackie/Specs” Tocco

Active Made Members:
Vincent “Vinnie Giac” Giacalone (47)
Peter “The Baby Bull” Corrado (53)
Peter “Fat Pete” Corrado (56)
Paul “Cousin Paulie/The Fixer” Corrado (50)
Dominic “Chicago Dom” Corrado (42)
Anthony “Nino/Tony the Scientist” Corrado (56)
Joe Tocco (late-60s)
Anthony “Nino/Smitty” Tocco (late-60s)
Salvatore “Mops” Tocco (65)
Gerard DeMichele (54)
Antonio “Toto” Ruggirello (77)
Giuseppe “Joe the Hood” D’Anna (60)
Girolamo “Mimo” D’Anna (49)
Isodoro “Teddy San Diego” Matranga (65)
Eugene “Genie Boy” Baratta (mid-50s)
Robert “Bobby the Animal” La Puma (75)

Inactive Made Members:
Paul Tocco (mid-80s) – retired
Daniel “The Trigger” Triglia (71) – retired
Francesco “Frankie The Bomb” Bommarito (83) – shelved in 2012 for fighting with Jackie
Anthony “Tony Z” Zerilli (86) – shelved in 2008 over the Gamtax bust


It should also be noted that a great deal of people on Scott's list are quite young (many in their 30s or early-40s). Eventually, some of them will get made.

Hey Macomb, I know you've seen my list before, which again differs from Scott's. But it seems you're missing a few people.

For example, a few of Jack and Tony Tocco's sons, a few Giacalones, Joseph out of Flint, and the other Jack Giacalone. Joe Trigale, owner of Tringale Sanitation is also most likely made. Jackie Giacalone gets a check from Tringale as a consultant, and Tringale is married to his sister. If not made, a high level associate. There are a few names you don't have on your list, but I do. I could be wrong, or you could be wrong with these guys.

Then like you said, there's some younger guys that could be made, or will be soon. That number is ~12.

Here's my active soldier (made), list.

Anthony "Little Tony/Tawncie" Tocco, Jr
Anthony "Nino/Smitty" Tocco
Jack "Little Jackie/Miami Jack" Tocco, Jr (FL)
Vito Tocco
Joe Tocco
Salvatore "Mops" Tocco
Joe Barbara, Jr 
Eugene "Genie Boy" Baratta
Peter "Pete the Clown/The Lion" Leonardo
Antonio "Toto" Ruggirello
Robert "Bobby the Animal" La Puma
Dominic Rubino
Isodoro "Teddy San Diego" Matranga (CA)
Salvatore "Sparky" Palazzola, Jr.
Paul "Big Paulie" Corrado
Paul "Cousin Paulie/The Fixer" Corrado
Peter "Fat Pete" Corrado
Peter "The Baby Bull" Corrado
Anthony "Nino/Tony the Scientist" Corrado, Jr.
Dominic "Chicago Dom" Corrado (IL)
Joseph "Joe White" Giacalone (Flint)
Jack "Jackie the Nose" Giacalone (FL)
Joseph "Joey the Trash Man" Tringale
Giseuppe "Joe the Hood" D'Anna (In charge of "Zips") (UI)
Girolamo "Mimo" D'Anna (UI)
Anthony "Little Tony Razz/The Builder" Randazzo, Jr
Anthony "Little Tony Long/The Executive" Cimini
Gerard DeMichele

Edited by DoubleZ (09/23/13 07:33 PM)

#741458 - 09/24/13 03:55 PM Re: Detroit Partnership Today ? [Re: IvyLeague]
DoubleZ Offline

Registered: 08/21/13
Posts: 8
Originally Posted By: IvyLeague
Originally Posted By: MacombGuy
DeMichele's case is a good example. If Robert Perakis (politician / former state representative) wasn't arrested with him, the papers wouldn't have touched it.

I don't know. There seems to be a steady stream of gambling cases out of Detroit, including the ones below over the last few years. Which, by the way, I've never found any mob-ties to (though the May 2012 one seems most likely).

May 2012

Netties was ran by the Corrado's and Frank Bommarito with the Paniccia's. The Paniccia's helped run Uncle Mike's on Gratiot when Netties closed down, as did Uncle Mikes. Now it's Detroit Style Pizza Co. This case was 100% Detroit LCN Connected.

I've never seen that before, thanks Wiseguy/Ivy.

#741493 - 09/24/13 05:35 PM Re: Detroit Partnership Today ? [Re: strococs]
LuanKuci Offline

Registered: 06/15/11
Posts: 662
Originally Posted By: strococs
I agree with JCB i am sure there are some bookmaking going on etc. but anyone who really believes this Scott Bernstein is buying into the hype. Sure There are people committing crimes. As there are in every city in America. But you really believe Jack TOcco is running the town I have some land for sale in Tennessee.

Such a superficial respond.

No one here has ever stated that Tocco is running Detroit.
No one here has ever stated that Bernstein's info is crap-free.

We don't need to be told that there are people committing crimes jus like in every city in America. Thank you.

Not even Scott believes that the Partnership is as powerful as in the 70s. He has added things up and nobody likes that. That's that.

#741502 - 09/24/13 06:11 PM Re: Detroit Partnership Today ? [Re: LuanKuci]
MacombGuy Offline

Registered: 02/20/13
Posts: 34
As for the Netties case, the Macomb Daily had re-posted a lot of old articles on new pages last year, hence the very incorrect date. They were arrested in 2006 and convicted in 2007. Pasquale "Pat" Paniccia died just a few months ago.

Also, Vito Parisi was convicted of manufacturing and delivering marijuana in Macomb County a few months ago. He was an associate of Nove Tocco, and was busted with him in the mid-80s for distributing cocaine. No clue if he is still actively engaged with anyone else in the family.

#741504 - 09/24/13 06:26 PM Re: Detroit Partnership Today ? [Re: LuanKuci]
JCB1977 Offline

Registered: 01/15/11
Posts: 1009

Loc: Southeastern Massachusetts
That was a joke...Detroit is running traditional rackets, to what extent?...I don't think there is one person on this forum...not even Scott Burnstein who probably has more knowledge than any of us on the Detroit Family that could accurately pinpoint which rackets and to what extent that family is operating. The Feds and the U.S. Attorney holds the keys to what is going on in Detroit. Personally, I think this country will be down to 6 families over the next 15 years...5 NY and Chicago. Philly, Jersey, New England, Detroit will cease to exist...IMO.

Edited by JCB1977 (09/24/13 06:26 PM)

#741506 - 09/24/13 06:43 PM Re: Detroit Partnership Today ? [Re: JCB1977]
MacombGuy Offline

Registered: 02/20/13
Posts: 34
No one can prove the extent, but it's quite clear that Detroit's main focus in bookmaking. At least 90% of the arrests/indictments of Detroit members/associates have been for gambling-related offenses (including loansharking and extortion) over the last 20-30 years.

The organization as a whole is bringing in substantially less amounts of money than it did 15-20 years ago, much less 30-40 years ago. Their union influence, to the best of my knowledge, pretty much died off 15-20 years ago. But that doesn't say much, considering booking can generate enormous sums of money when done right.

#741519 - 09/24/13 07:54 PM Re: Detroit Partnership Today ? [Re: furio_from_naples]
jonnynonos Offline

Registered: 11/05/12
Posts: 1036
Weren't people putting Tony Zerrelli near the top of these lists right up until the week he came out with his Hoffa book... LOL.

#741552 - 09/24/13 11:45 PM Re: Detroit Partnership Today ? [Re: furio_from_naples]
FriedRavioliFarts Offline

Made Member
Registered: 11/26/12
Posts: 112

Did Detroit's bookmakers extend into South Bend? I remember hearing something years ago that Chicago/Detroit split South Bend? A bookie may even have been killed, over the dispute I can't remember for sure. Maybe we could ask Rudy...

#741595 - 09/25/13 12:25 PM Re: Detroit Partnership Today ? [Re: jonnynonos]
MacombGuy Offline

Registered: 02/20/13
Posts: 34
Originally Posted By: jonnynonos
Weren't people putting Tony Zerrelli near the top of these lists right up until the week he came out with his Hoffa book... LOL.

Not that I know of. He disappeared from the lists shortly after his release from prison in 2008, which is when it became known that Tocco officially shelved him. That's why no one was particularly surprised when he made the Hoffa claim.

#750878 - 12/01/13 02:57 AM Re: Detroit Partnership Today ? [Re: DoubleZ]
UrsulaL Offline

Registered: 12/01/13
Posts: 1

Loc: United States
I'm confused by this. Nettie's and Uncle Mikes was on Utica in Fraser. Detroit Style Pizza store 2 is on Garfield in Clinton Township. Are you saying they now "run" DSPC too? That's owned by Randazzos, at least officially. The Secret Service called me about a credit card transaction we made there, as our account was breached after using it there (we were one out of about 100). So do you think the mob's gone hi-tech?

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