My Idea "The Main Plot" - Vincent Mancini is the Godfather and is now in his 50's. Mancini is bored of the 21st Century Cosa Nostra and realises the other Five Families bosses are old and arent aware of how the Feds work. Mancini has connection's from Sicily and Palermo also Britian and American's. Mancini has a meeting with the Five Heads making a new rule that British, American and Italian can all join to make it more succesful and a larger business. By this new rule Mancini can hire more people into the corleone family. A few years later Mancini has all Caporegime's, Underbosses, Consigliere's and Bosses targeted. Mancini has all of the top heads killed and replaces them with the most trusted and respected crew members. "Skipping Court Scene" . Mancini later sends ally requests with the Five Families. Vincent eventually nominates The Corleone family to be called "Family of all Families". The Chicago Outfit and other families are now called "Under Families" which would be hired as extra muscle and would be covers. The Five Families soon take America over by 15 years which makes Vincent about in his mid 80's or early 80s. The Five Families soon form ally requests to the Sicilian Mafia and The Russian Mafia plus other top families in Europe through this success the first "Europe Commission" is made and the American's, Italians and Europe Families soon become great allys and strong business partners making Vincent Mancini bigger than Lucky Luciano and Al Capone put together. Mancini outruns the Police and Feds. - - - This is just a plot and an Idea.