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#534802 - 03/19/09 02:09 AM John Gotti hated his son Junior.
HandsomeJackGibaldi Offline
Capo di tutti Capi

Registered: 03/19/09
Posts: 5

Loc: Corleone, Sicily and Arlington...
According to a source close to the late Dapper Don Gotti, John Gotti, Sr. hated Junior. I can't really blame him, Junior was a terrible Don, practicaly destroyed any of the power John Gotti, Sr. created (Can't really say he did much as Don. He was too focused on the spotlight.) I think Anastasia and Gambino was the best thing to happen to the Gambinos. Do you agree? Or disagree? Let me know and why.

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#534808 - 03/19/09 02:41 AM Re: John Gotti hated his son Junior. [Re: HandsomeJackGibaldi]
Don Cardi Offline

Registered: 08/12/01
Posts: 18185

Loc: The Ravenite Social Club
I find it quite ironic and a bit amusing and almost unbelievable that The Dapper Don hated John Jr.

If anything it was The Dapper Don himself who turned out to be a major contributor in the decline of the Gambino crime family. The man loved the spotlight, could not keep himself out of the news, and surrounded himself with some questionable characters who went about doing their own thing (while Sr. turned a blind eye) which destroyed the reputation of the Gambino crime family in the underworld. Big Paul Castellano started the brush fire within the Gambino Crime family, but it was really John Gotti who fanned the flames and spread the fire that eventually brought down the family.

On the other hand Don Carlo Gambino was a major asset to the Gambino crime family. This was a man who was smart enough to stay out of the spotlight as much as he could. He made himself appear to be this little frail old man who could not hurt a fly. He had the ability to make many look upoin him as this little old grandfather. But behind the facade that he created he really was one of the most powerful mob bosses that ever sat on the throne. He really was a murdering thief who took full advantage of the position that he was in and squeezed the last drop of blood out of the honest businessman. The man had his hand in almost every business that existed in the state of New York. A ruthless man who ruled with an iron fist and at the same time had the loyalty of all those around and under his command. In the world of mobdom he really was a good leader and a good Don that was good for the family business.

Don Cardi cool

Five - ten years from now, they're gonna wish there was American Cosa Nostra. Five - ten years from now, they're gonna miss John Gotti.

#534810 - 03/19/09 02:48 AM Re: John Gotti hated his son Junior. [Re: Don Cardi]
HandsomeJackGibaldi Offline
Capo di tutti Capi

Registered: 03/19/09
Posts: 5

Loc: Corleone, Sicily and Arlington...
That is true. What makes matters worse, is that once Junior went to prison, Peter stepped up. Gotti, Sr. even once commented that Peter was the dumbest man he ever saw. Peter did nothing but help the Gambinos decline. Gotti, Sr. WAS to involved in the spotlight, and tried to bring media attention for eaverything he did. The Mafia was supposed to avoid attention, but Gotti craved it.

I personally liked Anastasia better than Gambino, but Anastasia was too ruthless and bloodthirsty to be an effective leader. It was probably better for the Gambinos that Don Carlo took over.

#534851 - 03/19/09 05:05 PM Re: John Gotti hated his son Junior. [Re: HandsomeJackGibaldi]
Turnbull Offline

Registered: 10/14/01
Posts: 16635

Loc: AZ
Everything that DC said is true, and well-put. clap

When Gotti Sr. made Junior, Chin Gigante remarked, "I'm really sorry to hear that." Supposedly the Chin was saying that fathers should try to keep their sons out of the Mafia life. He may have been saying, "Considering how dumb Sr. is, Jr. will be worse." If so, he was right.

I'd heard that Gotti Sr. used to yell at all of his kids when they visited him in prison. Some videos of those shouting visits have been shown on TV. The Gambino Family today has been almost totally run into the ground.
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#534854 - 03/19/09 05:38 PM Re: John Gotti hated his son Junior. [Re: Turnbull]
HandsomeJackGibaldi Offline
Capo di tutti Capi

Registered: 03/19/09
Posts: 5

Loc: Corleone, Sicily and Arlington...
That is all true. I remember one video, when his grandson visited him in prison, and said that he wanted to be a basketball star. Gotti, Sr. laughed and said "You need to take drugs. You need to lie and cheat." and then his grandson said "Fine. I'll be a crook then." That set Gotti, Sr. off. He was like "Don't ever talk to me like that again! I will give you a beating you won't forget!"

#535674 - 03/28/09 08:32 PM Re: John Gotti hated his son Junior. [Re: Turnbull]
BAM_233 Offline

Registered: 01/18/09
Posts: 3392
gotti is a pimp

#539259 - 04/30/09 11:07 PM Re: John Gotti hated his son Junior. [Re: BAM_233]
stevapalooza Offline

Registered: 04/30/09
Posts: 98
Exactly! He never could've outfought Santino!

#568161 - 02/28/10 04:40 AM Re: John Gotti hated his son Junior. [Re: stevapalooza]
JCrusher Offline

Registered: 02/28/10
Posts: 1050
I heard on some jail tapes that he mixed garbage gotti blood and contaminated it with digiorgio blood so he obviously had a low opinion of his kids except maybe frankie

#568174 - 02/28/10 08:14 AM Re: John Gotti hated his son Junior. [Re: JCrusher]
IvyLeague Offline

Registered: 08/13/08
Posts: 6712
There were ill feelings between both of them for a long time. Later in life Junior said that he didn't know how a father could bring his son into the mob life. Of course this was after Junior had been to prison, seen all the backstabbing in the mob, and was no longer Acting Boss. But he had no complaints years before when he was riding on his father's coat tails.

But it seems they sort of made up towards the end. Junior visited his father in prison not long before Gotti died and, after pressure on Gotti from his wife, he gave Junior the OK to leave the life; something he previously had not been willing to do.
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