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Jan 21st, 2020
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Organized Crime - Real Life
18 minutes ago
As per your direct request to me Dom Pep, and my promise to you, starting today we will be posting up "Brooklyn guys" as you asked. (no Profaci/Colombo guys as per your directive).

These first four biographies are all Genovese Family members, and each one was a near iconic figure in New York's gangland. Hope you enjoy:

Tomorrow's a new day. We will bang out the Genovese crew first, then on to the next Family of NYC...... all Brooklynese! Lol
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Organized Crime - Real Life
1 hour ago
He was disliked by many people in the Gambino Family but he was very good in the Construction rackets (confirmed by both Gravano and Mikey Scars).

His knowledge of the construction rackets is the reason why he got made.
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BB Word Games
1 hour ago
Paulie to Henry.

Q. "Plus, they were all married to girls named Marie."
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Organized Crime - Real Life
1 hour ago

A son of the late former Mafia underboss Gennaro “Jerry” Angiulo is facing federal charges alleging he defrauded the government of more than $3.3 million in a payroll tax scheme at his Revere towing business, authorities said.

In a statement Thursday, US Attorney Andrew E. Lelling’s office said the defendant, Gennaro Jay Angiulo, 49, of Nahant and Saugus, was charged by a legal document called an information in federal court in Boston with one count of willful failure to collect and pay over taxes and one count of evading cash transaction reporting requirem

Between the tax years of 2014 through at least 2017, Lelling’s office said, Jay Angiulo allegedly paid a portion of the wages to employees of his company, GJ Towing, in cash under the table, prosecutors said.

“In doing so, Angiulo did not collect, account for or pay over to the IRS required withholding and FICA taxes,” the statement said. “The cash payments to employees were funded, at least in part, by cashing checks from clients of GJ Towing and other third parties in groups totaling not more than $10,000 in a single day.”
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General Discussion / Other
6 hours ago
Playing star wars battlefront
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Organized Crime - Real Life
8 hours ago
'Ndrangheta of Filandari, asked for 174 years in prison for 14 members of the Soriano clan.

A good 29 years in prison have been requested for Leone Soriano, considered the promoter of the homonymous clan; 24 years of imprisonment the sentence requested for his nephew Giuseppe Soriano; 20 years for Graziella Silipigni (mother of Giuseppe); 20 years for Caterina Soriano (sister of Giuseppe); 4 years for Rosetta Lopreiato, wife of Leone Soriano.

At the opening of the hearing, Leone Soriano connected by videoconference verbally lashed out against the judges and the prosecutor.
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General Discussion / Other
9 hours ago
Originally Posted by olivant
Have any of you Board members had any experience using blue light screens on your PC and blue light glasses? If so, do you consider them effective?

Oliviant, all new devices now have decent reading modes. Windows 10 has a "night light" option. Search and adjust to your liking. On android there is a reading mode as well. I did buy a pair of glasses that would eliminate blue light, but end up not using it because it didn't match my eyesight after all.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
12 hours ago
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Organized Crime - Real Life
15 hours ago
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Organized Crime - Real Life
16 hours ago
Thought I'd give you guys a second treat this evening and post up a guy who for me personally was one of the strongest and most respected of Tommy Brown's capo di decina for many decades.

A top garment racketeer, A top prize-fight racketeer. Jimmy was the real deal!

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Organized Crime - Real Life
17 hours ago
Originally Posted by Dob_Peppino
I have never heard of him, its funny because I could almost feel like I've known about most of the major guys but I am always fascinated by these "sleepers" that NYmafia presents in a proper perspective. These are the guys that make up CN, not just the Bosses and known guys. Looking forward to the read, I'm sure its insightful (P.s. Can we get some guys from Brooklyn? And I'm not talking about Profaci/Colombos either lol )

I wholeheartedly agree with you Don Pep. These are the true guys who form the backbone of Cosa Nostra. The most publicly known guys and bosses, although important, make up just a pimple on an Elephants ass in the full scheme of the Italian underworld. I thoroughly enjoy researching and then writing about these "sleepers" as you so aptly put it. I'm glad you enjoy them.

And yes, I promise to do some Brooklyn guys in the near future. But first I have a whole bunch of things for you guys in the meantime. So besides and including Brooklyn, I have a few surprises in the direction we're gonna go in soon.

I think you're gonna like it. (I hope so anyway) Lol
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BB Word Games
18 hours ago
A: Nicky to the guys playing golf with him
Q: You could have had the food and beverage job without going on television! You wanted to go on TV.
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General Discussion / Other
18 hours ago
Eric Clapton - Layla (Piano Exit)
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Organized Crime - Real Life
18 hours ago
Here he is men..... John (Buster) Ardito

BA..... we just posted up his biography. I hope you guys enjoy it. He was a hoodlums hoodlum... all the way!
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Organized Crime - Real Life
19 hours ago
The Spanish Customs and National Police seized a total of 35,000 kilos of hashish on four sailing boats in one operation. Two sailing boats with hashish sailed under the Dutch flag. Nine Bulgarian and Russian suspects have been arrested in various parts of the Atlantic Ocean. According to Customs, it is the largest hashish catch at sea in the history in Spain.
Police operations took place in five European countries between 24 and 28 September, completing an investigation that took several months. According to the Spanish police, the hash on the four high-end sailing yachts was owned by the same network.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 11:49 PM
Police bust illegal casino and spa north of Toronto, seize 20,000 sq. ft. mansion
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 11:45 PM

Suspects flee in tow trucks after Scarborough shooting
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Food & Drink
Yesterday at 11:45 PM

Wednesday is leftovers because Thursday is trash day. Plus Thursday is sometimes evening appointments so we go out to eat that night.

So tonight I still had some leftover spicy chicken nuggets from McDonald’s
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General Discussion / Other
Yesterday at 11:34 PM
All cafés, bars, coffeeshops, restaurants etc here have to close at ten the coming 3 weeks. Masks are now highly recommended inside public places but still not mandatory, we did listen to Fauci who advised us.
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Yesterday at 11:26 PM
The level of our game is not yet what it should be but in Holland we haven't played since early march so that takes a while but at least we get the points. We have a new tough central defender Uros Spajic.
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The Godfather Trilogy
Yesterday at 10:39 PM
Appollonia's death was one of the only times that I felt any sympathy for Mike. I believe that he truly loved her. She would have been a dutiful,faithful wife who would have given him as as many children as he wanted,made a beautiful home,and above all,wouldn't ask stupid questions like "Miguel,is it true". No doubt Signor Vitelli was well acquainted with Mafia protocol,and would have had a talk with her before the Ceremony. In their world,she hit the jackpot by marrying a man of Michael's status. To have a son-in-law like Mike wasn't anything to sneeze at either. If by chance Signor Vitelli would make an enemy,then they would become Michael's enemy,and then they would fear Vitelli.
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Food & Drink
Yesterday at 10:14 PM
I've been coming up empty the last few weeks from my usual spot but was able to snag this today.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 10:09 PM
Originally Posted by pmac
I read this along time ago. I mean it explains alot. Lombardo liked to keep the feds guessing and playing musical chairs with the consig spot makes strong leaders out of alot of capos then he breaks them back to capo probaly telling them ahead of time this is only a 1 or 2 year position.

It's like bait-and-switch. After Don Vito's death, the feds were unclear on the hierarchy, but after Fish testified, it became evident that Lombardo was the real boss from 1969 to sometime in 1981.
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Yesterday at 09:30 PM
The Yankees really roughed up Bieber yesterday. They had a great game plan and stuck to it: be aggressive in the box, get out to an early lead, and make Bieber uncomfortable. Hopefully they didn't blow their load last night and the bats stay hot because the Yankees do have a tendency to do that. Hopefully Tanaka can close it out tonight.
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General Discussion / Other
Yesterday at 09:12 PM
How did you guys remember Ruth Bader Ginsburg yet forget Road Warrior Animal?
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