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May 27th, 2012
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General Discussion / Other
51 seconds ago
Originally Posted by BlackFamily
Originally Posted by Aces
First off they still have the United Negro College Fund. The african american description makes absolutely no sense at all.
When someone asks me about my race, i say White , not italian american. They are black, colored, negro.

Also the NAACP which along with a few more institutions have maintaned the name for historical sake.

Race is a flawed social construct yet so deep seated in American society that it won't change. But of course you realized there's italian american days , irish american days, etc.

Black is more current terminology as Colored/Negro is out of date. I'm glad to help you stay up to date.

Stay tuned folks more educational commentary to come!!

Actually negro is spanish for "black". They'll probably never drop the word negro as it is pretty much correct. Yes it's considered outdated but it is the correct term if you want to use the color black
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General Discussion / Other
2 minutes ago
24 hours later, Trump claims he misspoke in Helsinki, meant to say Russia did have reason to meddle in election

The president also said he backed the U.S. intelligence community's assessment that Moscow interfered in his 2016 race against Hillary Clinton.

That's one hell of a backpeddle. It's also utter bullshit.
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General Discussion / Other
7 minutes ago
Originally Posted by jace
You mocked a little boy who was shot dead, now you mock this man's death.

I keep telling y'all he just comes up with this outrageous shit just to troll y'all and get cookie started up to back him and y'all go for it every time shhh
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Organized Crime - Real Life
22 minutes ago
Originally Posted by OakAsFan
Life experience. We can just read obvious motives in people. You'll understand someday.

Yea because we all know you are such an expert at reading people's motives rolleyes
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Organized Crime - Real Life
1 hour ago

Sussex Hells Angel accused calls mob claim 'absurd'
36 2,347 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
1 hour ago

Islamist Venezuelan VP Shifted to Head of Russia Relations
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Organized Crime - Real Life
1 hour ago
Most of the articles out today have the target of the hit as Gary Hanley, again...he was friends with the slain Jason Molyneaux, not the potential Kinahan shooters who were arrested...those are the guys who killed Molyneaux...sometimes it's interesting how wildly different the various Irish news sources report the same story...
589 124,890 Read More
General Discussion / Other
2 hours ago
Funny how that works
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BB Word Games
2 hours ago
girl. He wanted
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Movies & Television
2 hours ago
20 557 Read More
The Godfather Trilogy
2 hours ago
In a better (i.e., non-Mafia/non Michael Corleone) world, Frankie might have had a case for survival because of how Michael manipulated his loyalty:

Michael was at his most manipulative after the Tahoe shooting. First he played Tom's emotions like a violin ("I always wanted to be thought of as a brother by you, Michael"), then he scared the rs**t out of Frankie at Frankie's home--then said he wanted Frankie to "help me take my revenge." "Michael...anything," Frankie practically collapsed with relief. Michael sent him to put his head in the lion's mouth by meeting with the Rosatos--to suit Michael's purpose. If he settled the problems with the Rosatos, it was one more worry off Mijchael's mind. If the Rosatos killed, or tried to kill, him, it was further proof that Roth was behind the Tahoe shooting.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
3 hours ago

MS-13 Gang members are DOCUMENTED and more just got indicted
279 10,372 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
4 hours ago
Originally Posted by WhackWhack

I believe Peter Gotti as Acting Boss sent Huck and Fat Sal Mangiavillano to Arizona to look for and whack Sammy. Huck was sent because he would recognize him as being part of his former crew. .

And they wanted to use a bomb, apparently too scared to confront him in a possible shootout situation !!
23 1,954 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
5 hours ago
617 20,001 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
8 hours ago
I remeber reading mikey scars say jackie took over his capos crew in early 1986 cause the guy was to old forgot his name. It probaly happend at frank deciccos wake cause that when gotti inducted 14 guys close to him abd made big decisions cause he new people were trying to kill him. Jackie nose preposed him for induction scars was made in 1988 xmis with jr. So whoever was close to scars was jackies crew.
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General Discussion / Other
11 hours ago
have fun dues !!
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Organized Crime - Real Life
11 hours ago
Originally Posted by m2w
24 nabbed in Palermo clan bust
'Money-laundering king' Corona caught

Italian police on Monday arrested 24 people in a major operation against Cosa Nostra clans in Palermo.
Four of them were placed under house arrest, including a well-known Palermo criminal lawyer, Nico Riccobene.
The probe uncovered the leading role of a boss who has come to the fore since the death of boss of bosses Totò Riina last November, Giuseppe Corona.
Nicknamed the "money-laundering king", Corona was able to launder "rivers of money", police said.

191 14,732 Read More
The Godfather Trilogy
11 hours ago
Originally Posted by Signor Vitelli
2018 Update:

It seems that after many years, the fabric store is no longer there.

[Linked Image]

Also, notice that the lot next to the store (on the left, previously an abandoned gas station) has been developed.

Not sure if the former restaurant/fabric store is still vacant, but I know some of the original architecture still remained: tile floor, tin ceiling - but, alas, no pull chain toilet.

So, if anyone here knows someone who wants to go into the restaurant business... whistle

orange orange orange

Signor V.
("Try the veal...")

Very Cool.

36 2,545 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
14 hours ago
Operation against the feared Casamonica clan in Rome, Reggio Calabria and Cosenza.
31 people ended up in handcuffs while six other people are currently wanted. The charge against them is to have formed and took part - in competition and with different roles - to a mafia association, the Casamonica clan, dedicated to drug trafficking, extortion, usury: all with the aggravating factor of the Mafia method.
The thesis of the investigators is that at the head of the clan there is Giuseppe Casamonica, recently released from prison after about 10 years of imprisonment.
The Sinti gypsies are allied with the ´ndrangheta.
407 30,336 Read More
General Discussion / Other
15 hours ago
Joe Rogan Experience #1144 - Doug Stanhope

Doug Stanhope is a stand-up comedian, writer, and TV host.
64 2,998 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
16 hours ago
Tony Ducks passed the Torch to rackateer from Bronx Buddy Luongo, but Vic and Gaspipe had a meeting with him and he disappeared. Ducks was pissed but christy Tic Furnari swayed the vote and the thugs from Brooklyn took charge and and went on their whole bloodlust binge eventually targeting Al D Arco and the rest is history.
3,813 1,392,420 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
17 hours ago
Originally Posted by MightyDR
I'm still holding out for a Vincent Cafaro book! It took Leonetti and D'Arco 20 years to come out with books and I haven't heard that he's dead yet lol

I think we have a good chance for a Michael DiLeonardo book. I know that the Gotti era has been covered, but he always comes with interesting info.

Is he still alive?
2,136 809,106 Read More
20 hours ago
Playin 18 Tomorrow.

Tuff Course but I am ready.
12 679 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
20 hours ago
Not confirmed who but it looks like its on in The Bronx.

Local News just reported a 30 yr old white male found on the side of the road off Saw mill pkwy dead from gunshot wounds to the head.

Could be anything but sounds like a Crew Hit.
58 3,856 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
20 hours ago

Man behind Fannin County's Trident Lakes development files for bankruptcy
129 7,165 Read More
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