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May 27th, 2012
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Organized Crime - Real Life
3 minutes ago
Originally Posted by LuanKuci
@ Furio - thanks for that list but it’s quite outdated. Tony Dote and Rudy Fratto are allegedly made but don’t appear. Vito D. Spillone and Gino Martin passed away a few years ago.

I take it by Bill Feather'site.I don't agreee with you,for sure in the last 50 y the other gangs gained the political influence that Outfit had,but that in a city like Chicago with not more italian recruitment pool,the Outfit still exist is a fact.But the Outfit wasn't a tipical LCN family and for this even if he had maybe 40/50 made men had more non-italian associates that are in the same level of the made men.Somone said that in the Outfit a capo was a boss in his own so from the outsite can look like small italian gangs but they had a hierarchy and are still powerful in the unions and had strong political influence that why the FBI are focused on it,because the others are only street level gangs.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by LuanKuci
Originally Posted by M_Martino
So either these guys weren't protected or the Italians okay'd it/worked with Albanians/Bloods, or there will be some type of retaliation.

I’m starting to think the Zottolas were shelved.

why ??
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Organized Crime - Real Life
3 hours ago
Originally Posted by LuanKuci
The Springfield IL entry is clearly a mistake, geographically and organization-wise.

Springfield MA is the city the author should have pointed out.

Terrible screw up implying that the Cava and Graziano clans are Sicilians. They’re obviously Camorra.

We all know the connections that particular Genovese crew has to Campania. Emilio Fusco is from Quindici and the majority of alleged members and associates in Springfield (Calvanese, the Santaniellos, the Manzis, etc...) can trace their roots in the same inland rural areas of Campania (Avellino).

In the map they are singned as camorra clans they are right
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Organized Crime - Real Life
4 hours ago
Camorra and drugs, maxi blitz in progress: 50 arrests throughout Campania !
In the operation, in Naples, Avellino and Caserta, 300 carabinieri are engaged.
The recipients are suspected of belonging to several Camorra clans , and - according to the investigators - responsible for various purposes of association aimed at the illicit trafficking of drugs and possession for the purpose of drug dealing.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
6 hours ago
Dicarlo: Buffalo's First Family of Crime by Thomas Hunt and Michael A. Tona. One of the most thoroughly researched mob books I have read which is especially good since it is on an underreported subject matter. The authors do have a tendency to actually go into too much detail on certain topics, but at least you know you are getting the full story. Can't wait for Volume 2!
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Organized Crime - Real Life
7 hours ago
Just finished Volume 1, came on to post my thoughts on the Mafia Books thread. One of the most thoroughly researched mob books I have read which is especially good since it is on an underreported subject matter. The author does have a tendency to actually go into too much detail on certain topics, but at least you know you are getting the full story. Can't wait for Volume 2!
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General Discussion / Other
11 hours ago
I went out tonight. A gay guy came on to me. I'm not gay, but this guy was arguably the best looking guy in the entire bar. I don't understand homophobia. No women came on to me and this guy was arguably the most handsome man I saw out of hundreds the entire night. I take it as a compliment - even if gay guys have to take what they can get.

Made my night more than a 400 pound woman coming on to me ever would.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
11 hours ago
Originally Posted by BillyBrizzi
Originally Posted by Moe_Tilden
Originally Posted by streetbossliborio
I think he was made acting as he would be a conduit for his dad. It clearly wasn’t done on experience etc. Not saying he’s a fool but he was young and inexperienced to be anywhere near the hot seat. A few high profile mistakes made everyone think he was a fool like the wedding list fiasco

Before I even had an interest in the mafia I was aware of how stupid Junior was reputed to be re: Dumbfella nickname etc. I used to see headlines regarding him when I'd go on the internet without even looking for it.

Which is funny because the guy presents himself as an intellect whenever he is interviewed or goes on TV.

The guys seems like a good kid, we should give him a chance.. Don't let the sins of the (grand)father...

I think MMA in general is a pretty barbaric sport but I'm a pussy that way LOL. It's good the kid is focused on something more productive than selling drugs though. Fair play to him.
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Movies & Television
12 hours ago
I've seen TENEBRE. Not his best but not bad either. A nice little switch about half-way through.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 11:30 PM
Without a doubt, regarding GF2. The Mayfield Road gang was actually originally called the Lakeview Road gang. Lakeview is the name of the cemetery that runs adjacent to Mayfield Road. Forlenza family in the novel has to be based on the Milanos.
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Yesterday at 09:31 PM
Well, Doherty has played competitively for Ireland now so that's that.

I think Holland dropped the ball not pursuing him. He beat Hazard and Mane to Player of the Month for September, and from his body language and quotes to the media I think he could've been swayed towards Holland if they showed the slightest interest in him.

Germany are fairly shit now, huh? Don't seem to have the players coming through anymore.

Timo Werner looks pretty awful from what I've seen of him.

And guys who are still relatively young, like Gotze and Reus, haven't really fulfilled their early potential.

Even Muller seems to be going backwards during what should be his peak after a barnstorming few years as a youngster. Not having one set position, playing as a false 9 and all, has probably hampered him a bit.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 09:23 PM
Sittite guidelines I believe are 12. To 24 months for calling a bet in or whatever, the prosecutor has suggested 12 to 16 months, the judge can sentence up to 24 months...dilorenzo, who knows, I for one don’t believe it, not saying u didn’t hear it, Ithink someone is making it up to u, but that’s just my opinion
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 08:50 PM
Originally Posted by DiLorenzo
Yeah, and Gravano gave up all 5 families and has more balls !!

Not really. He was was obviously scared of jail because he turned as quick as he could. He was also a dumbass because he got probably the sweetest deal of any guy who turned yet he still fucked it up. I don’t like Phil AT ALL but he waited until after he was sentenced which mean there was no obligation to shorten his sentence. He has also stayed out of trouble. Not defending Phil but being honest

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Food & Drink
Yesterday at 08:26 PM
I've only tried their Toasted Lager and it was great (at least at Yankee Stadium). I bought a 6 pack and it wasn't as good. I swear, I don't know what temperature Yankee Stadium serves their beer but that's the best Guinness and Bluepoint I've ever had was at their place. Thanks for the recommendation DuesPaid. I won't find it where I'm at but when I'm home for the holidays, maybe they'll have some left over?
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BB Word Games
Yesterday at 08:23 PM
conscience, to finally
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General Discussion / Other
Yesterday at 08:23 PM
Paul McCartney - Confidante
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General Discussion / Other
Yesterday at 08:22 PM
That made me sad.
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Movies & Television
Yesterday at 08:21 PM
Originally Posted by DE NIRO
It's weird that they announced beforehand that Rick will be leaving. It would have been better for shock factor to not announced it. They can't kill him off surely..

That would've been a better idea. I keep thinking Rick will pull a Morgan and walk away. But then again why would he purposely leave Judith and Michonne? So what do you think of what Maggie did to Gregory?
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 07:39 PM
Argo was more as a personal hitman for Big Paul than Roy DeMeo was. If I remember right didn't Argo fled to Canada with his girlfriend, not long after that he broke up with her for another woman up there, and his ex told the Mounties where to find Argo or am I thinking of a different New York mobster?
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 05:44 PM
Jackson, Miss – Bryan Jones, 44, of Jackson, pled guilty on June 29, 2016, before U.S. District Judge Dan Jordan, to extortion by use of his position as a police officer, announced U.S. Attorney Gregory K. Davis and FBI Special Agent in Charge Donald Alway.

While working as a JPD officer, Jones violated the Hobbs Act on April 15, 2015. Jones took cash during a stop from undercover FBI agents and never recorded or placed the money in Jackson Police Department evidence. At the time of the stop, Jones was carrying his service pistol holstered on his belt and driving his patrol car.

A confidential source called Jones to provide him with the location of someone who Jones thought was a drug dealer, but was really an undercover agent. Jones, acting in his capacity as a police officer, illegally searched and seized $4,000.00 and $5,000.00 respectively and later split the money with the confidential source and never recorded the money or turned it over to the Jackson Police Department evidence.

* He was doing this business on the Westside of Jackson in the Washington Addition neighborhood.*
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 03:11 PM
Two fugitives and an arsenal All leads to MMD
by Riccardo Lo Verso

The arrests of Bigione and Marino, the arms of Paceco. Something bubbling up in the Trapani area.

PALERMO - Two arrested fugitives and a rediscovered arsenal. Three sequential episodes only apparently unrelated to each other. If it is true that in the province of Trapani not necessarily all investigations must revolve around the figure of Matteo Messina Denaro, who is rooted in Trapanese roots of his criminal power, is with the figure of the fugitive that the three episodes oblige to confront.

In a few days between Vita and Paceco they arrest Vito Marino and find a weapons depot. Marino was a fugitive from 2016, when the life sentence for the Brescia massacre became final. It was he who exterminated, in 2006, the entire Cottarelli family - father, mother and seventeen year old son - in their villa. They arrested him in a sheepfold in the countryside of Vita.

Vito Marino is the son of Girolamo, called 'Mommo' u nano '. In 1986, the killer on board an Alfasud stopped in front of the Paceco boss and exploded two guns of machine guns. Messina Denaro was also shot. 'Mommu u nano' paid for his refusal to kill his brother-in-law's wife who had decided to collaborate with the magistrates. The past is not forgotten: Marino, with the prospect of remaining in prison for life, is one of the worst enemies of Messina Denaro.

How did you arrive at his arrest and find the weapons? Are the two episodes tied? Is there any confidential source behind it?

They spend a few days from the arrest of Marino and in an abandoned farmhouse in the Paceco countryside four ready-to-use Kalashnikovs are found, complete with magazines and ammunition. There was a sawed shotgun in a bin, two 38-caliber revolvers, a shotgun, a mab 38 submachine gun, and another mp-40 rifle. In short, an arsenal at the disposal of the Paceco and Salemi mobsters. And that is to say those who, more than others, have shown great fidelity to the fugitive godfather.

Just as loyal was Vito Bigione for years,manager of drug trafficking originating in Mazara del Vallo. They arrested him in Romania. Long beard and dark glasses to disguise. "My name is Matteo", he told the mobile policemen of Trapani. For years, Bigione, on behalf of the family of Mazara del Vallo, has managed the drug routes between South America and Europe, acting as a glue between Cosa Nostra, 'ndrangheta and South American cartels. Just in South America, now about ten years ago, Matteo Messina Denaro would have been sighted.

Bigione was very respectful with Vito Gondola, the last capomafia of Campobello di Mazara who died last year at the age of eighty. Messina Denaro blindly trusted Gondola. Until March 2010, the correspondence transmission system had been managed by the fathers of the fugitive, Vincenzo Panicola and Filippo Guttadauro, and by his brother Salvatore. When they were all arrested, the fugitive looked to the past to replace them. And he chose Gondola who was already present at the dinner organized in December 1991 based on oysters, lobsters and Dom Perignon in the house of Tonnarella where Totò Riina lived. It was there that the 'chief of chiefs' decided to exterminate the enemies of the Marsala mafia.

All the investigations that led to the two arrests and the kidnapping of arms are coordinated by the Palermo prosecutor Francesco Lo Voi and by the adjunct Paolo Guido, and that is the same as the magistrates who seek Messina Denaro. Something bubbling in Trapanese. We hope to bring the fugitive. Certainly the three news events are a sign that the territory is manned.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 12:46 PM

GLOCK & LOAD Ruthless gang with links to Kinahan cartel lose deadly shipment of semi-automatic pistols from US in garda operation
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 12:38 PM

Mexican Cartel Retakes Border City After Military Retreat
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 10:12 AM

Done a hit dressed as a woman, you may have seen in the news - these guys are nuts. Great documentary the way they delve into the story
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Movies & Television
Yesterday at 02:50 AM
I'm with SC on "Manifest." It has the promise to be a good show f[i]or one season.[,i] My experience with network TV series is that they keep them going far too long, at the expense of everything that made the series great in the first season. Already, "Manifest" is adding more complications. The test is going to be if they resolve them to our satisfaction, or keep them going without resolution.
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