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Jan 21st, 2020
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Organized Crime - Real Life
1 hour ago
A 43-year-old Albanian was killed in an ambush by several gunshots last night around 11 pm in via Gabrio Casati, in the Fidene area of ​​Rome. Gentian Kasa who was subjected to a semi-liberty regime was leaving the house to return to Rebibbia prison.
The victim was hit by several shots including one in the head. Investigations are conducted by agents of the mobile team.
The 43-year-old had a history of drugs, theft and receiving stolen goods.

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Organized Crime - Real Life
3 hours ago
We always say the olden day mobsters were better “quality” and harder but whereas that might be true to a certain extent I think the main variable between the two is better law enforcement and more scrutiny being applied post 70/80s.

I mean Vito genovese killed his girls husband to be with her and was friends with pedos, Simone decavalcante was caught on wiretap shagging his secretary and badmouthing other bosses constantly, giancana was chasing movie stars around the globe falling in love, bonnanos son flipped, chin couldn’t do a hit properly (he would’ve been brutally killed for this in Chicago) and the list goes on..

There would be an argument that they’re all the same and the only difference is law enforcement, technology, Rico and more scrutiny all round... Things that happened before now has a magnifying glass..

Just a thought
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Organized Crime - Real Life
3 hours ago
Phil Jr and merlino same age eh. Never considered that dynamic;

- merlino must’ve been jealous especially considering his dad was under for a long time.
- were they friends at all?
- I suppose Phil did put in major work so it’s hard for anyone to argue with that.. and he forego the revenge of his dads murder..
- wonder what the dynamic between them is like now..
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Organized Crime - Real Life
3 hours ago
Here is a video I found on Youtube called: Gambino Crime Family Baltimore Crew. Click on the link below to view the video. Enjoy. 😀
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Organized Crime - Real Life
3 hours ago
Guy does come across as full of shit
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Organized Crime - Real Life
4 hours ago
Here is a cool video that I found on Youtube called:
The Forty-Two Gang. Click on the link below to view the video. Enjoy. 😀
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General Discussion / Other
5 hours ago
still resting i'm so depressed
i don't even wanna get up of bed
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Organized Crime - Real Life
5 hours ago
The info provided in the Washington Post link mentions that the Buffalo boss, Todaro, introduced Joe Black to Nicky, who used his friend Gerald “Jerry” Blavat to help get Joe's son a job with the stage hand union in nyc. Prior to that, the Chin used to help Joe Black in that regard, but they had a disagreement at the time. On a side note, my family was friends with Joe Black, and worked with him at Tommy Ocera's catering hall, The Manor East. Along with Tommy's brother, they used to teach my brothers and I how to box in their gym. Tommy Ocera was the best!

Originally Posted by Serpiente
Mighty: Nick liked that guy Joe Black and gave his kid a spot in him mothers apartment building on Georgia avenue for a very short time and was around here the neighborhood for some.

I don't know who introduced them (but this NY painter was around at same times)but Joe black and the son liked the casinos and the life in a casino city.

I can't count how many NY guys came to him for shit in AC when it was building but it was not doubt a who who's around that time .

Carmine had much more on his plate like the joint and he would of sent a street boss or other to AC .

Can't tell if it was a family thing that the Gorgone 's were around or if it was there own doing looking for rackets .

But there was is a big shot in a painting outfit (union)from Brooklyn that was possibly the one to get them together not sure .
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Organized Crime - Real Life
6 hours ago
Originally Posted by JC
That war has been said to be over more than once, let's see where they stand in a year or two.

But who is left that could actually be a threat? Mirarchi was probably their biggest threat that was on the streets and now he's working with them. Desjardins is dead as soon as he's freed unless he pulls a Tony Magi and drive around with the secret service protecting him. The Scoppa's are dead and 2/3 of the group fighting them on the other side is dead (Montagna and Desjardins with Mirarchi being the only one to live it seems)

There is nobody else in Montreal that could take things over at this point other than the Rizzuto's. I never believed for a minute that the HA's were in control, the Sicilians have the routes locked down in Canada...
3,012 465,728 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
10 hours ago
Originally Posted by OakAsFan
Originally Posted by JC
Originally Posted by OakAsFan
Considering how low key Luciano and his faction were I'm sure they were just fine with the family going by "Genovese". Lucky probably hated his name attached to it in the first place. Wasn't his style.

I don't think that that is correct, Luciano was very flashy, as was Costello, they did nothing to hide who they were. They did a lot of hobnobbing with high society types, much more than Genovese. Genovese was the least flashy of the three, it just happened to be that he was on top when Valachi testified.

I'm not talking about the way in which Luciano and Costello created inroads with mainstream society, I'm talking about whether they preferred to have their name attached to the "thing of theirs". They wanted to be known to important people, but not to be known to the public as heads of a crime organization. I'm sure they were just fine with the press beginning to coin it the Genovese family.

That's true I just think that it is funny that people think that the Genovese family was made up of guys looking to stay in the shadows. Richie the Boot had a huge property with a bunch of statues and a sign saying Godfather's Garden, Joe Adonis was flashy, Willile Morretti wasn't a shrinking violet and neither was Tirgger Mike, Ally Shades, John DiGilio, the list goes on. The general public thinks about the Chin and his crew and Benny Squint and believes that the rest of the family was always like that and they never were, even up to close to the present day.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
11 hours ago
Originally Posted by JimmyNapoli66
Genoveses definitely wasnt stronger than Gambino back in 60s,especially in 70s.They started to grow with Salerno and Gigante in 80s and 90s

Not necessarily. The Genovese were still strong in certain rackets that the Gambinos never were involved in, including the Teamsters and casino gambling(Vegas, the Carribean, Europe). The Genovese, through guys like Jimmy Blue Eyes, Trigger Mike, and Patsy Erra were still the strongest family in South Florida. They had Morris Levy in the music industry. They had the Lee Morris agency in Hollywood. They just didn't have the one big out front boss that they had had previously, which made sense because the previous big bosses, Luciano, Costello, and Genovese, had been hounded relentlessly and had either deported, forced out, or died in jail. Chicago, the Genovese, and Gambinos were on equal footing at that time, Carlo Gambino was just the most recogizable boss at that time.
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12 hours ago
Originally Posted by Irishman12
Originally Posted by olivant
I used to tell my students about former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel as an example of people who just can't stand success. Now I tell them about Antonio Brown, former Steeler, Raider, and Patriot.

He has managed to self-destruct after 7 successful years with the Steelers and being touted as one of the best receivers ever. Having been arrested a few days ago for a felony assault and ordered to undergo a psychiatric exam and ordered to wear a tracking device and ordered to remit his passport and running from reporters (on film), he is now near or at the bottom of the barrel.

Think some of the that may have to do with the sport as well. I don't follow football but I always believed Manziel seemed to be the kind of kid who believed his own hype. As for Brown, who konws? Maybe it's a situation like Junior Seau/Aaron Hernandez. Too many shots to the head/CTE. If you haven't seen it already olivant, on Netflix check out a 3 episode mini-series called KILLER INSIDE: THE MIND OF AARON HERNANDEZ. It's pretty good.

That may be the case. The hit took place near the end of the 2016 season. I don't recall any of Brown's antics during the 2017 season except his locker room broadcast near the end of the season.. His real antics erupted during the 2018 season, so the concussion effects may have been delayed.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
13 hours ago
Jacques Mariani filed last week a complaint for inhuman treatment in prison.

Incarcerated in the prison of Baumettes in Marseille, Mariani, presented as an heir to the criminal gang de la Brise de Mer, would suffer for several months from dizziness and severe headaches.
He has not yet been able to receive adequate treatment, according to a source familiar with the matter.

His lawyer, Maître Yassine Maharsi , announced that he had filed a complaint for "inhuman treatment in prison" this Monday, January 20.
"Jacques Mariani has been suffering for months," explains the lawyer. The remand center remains silent despite the numerous requests from his counsel. We filed a complaint because it is the only way to be heard. ”

Jacques Mariani serving several convictions:
A 4-year prison sentence handed down in October 2018 by the Aix en Provence Court of Appeal in a case of prison warden corruption
A sentence of 5 years in prison was also imposed by the same Court of Appeal of Aix en Provence in June 2018 in a case of witness tampering , but he will benefit from a new trial in this case, the Court of cassation having ruled in this sense.
Jacques Mariani is also implicated in another procedure of money laundering and extortion of organized gangs that the investigators link to the double assassination at Bastia-Poretta airport, perpetrated in December 2017.

At 54, the detainee has spent more than three decades behind bars.
42 6,520 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
13 hours ago
Originally Posted by pmac
Fucking rain. Better then snow but now i cant walk to my bar. Fuck. 10bucks for a cab

It stopped. The wind died down too..

I liked both MM & the Demeo Kids book.
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Other Mob Films/Books/TV
13 hours ago
9 916 Read More
BB Word Games
13 hours ago
Wear metallic tights.
1,765 125,639 Read More
Movies & Television
13 hours ago
BESERK. 1967 Joan Crawford.

Circus Murder Mystery- so bad its great.
113 12,372 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
14 hours ago
Do the Outlaws MC have chapters in every province of Canada, except Quebec ?
36 2,652 Read More
Other Mob Films/Books/TV
Yesterday at 11:15 PM
I can't remember if I've mentioned it, but I love the scene where Joe Gallo tells Frank Sheeran to "get the fuck outta here".

Though it's kind of depressing at the same time to see De Niro treated like such a schmuck.

Can you imagine the Godfather 2/Raging Bull/Heat vintage De Niro being treated like such a putz?
330 33,648 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 10:57 PM
Crazy Joe Gallo, Playing the Godfather Game
"Gallo and company had been to the Copaca­bana earlier for Don Rickles's opening and to celebrate Joey's 43rd birthday. About 4 a.m. they hopped into Joey's 1971 Cadillac­ and drove to Little Italy for an early morning snack...."
APRIL 13, 1972
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Movies & Television
Yesterday at 10:55 PM
I watched Nightcrawler. I personally can't understand why it was so highly rated. I get the message they were going for. My problem is that it was completely lacking in any kind of subtlety.

It kind of strayed into several different genres without fitting comfortably into any one.

I'd give it maybe a 6 out of 10 at best.

LOL at how Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo never had a kissing scene despite her being a (contrived) love interest for him.

Then I looked it up on Wikipedia and read that Russo's husband was the director.

And I was wondering why she had crawled out of the woodwork again all of a sudden!

She looked fine though.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 10:39 PM
0 97 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 10:23 PM
Italian arrested in Holland with 34 kilos of cocaine
He was wanted in Belgium
Category: News | VariousDate: 24.01.20| |

The Dutch police in a joint action by the Belgian police and the Royal Maréchaussée, arrested a 33-year-old Italian on the A16 motorway near Breda. The man carried 34 kilos of cocaine, hidden in a secret compartment inside the vehicle, for an estimated value of 1.2 million euros. The Italian, of which no other details were disclosed, was arrested Thursday afternoon, in a joint action by the Dutch and Belgian police. During the investigation, the man will remain in prison. He was already wanted in Belgium, because he was held responsible for several crimes.
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Yesterday at 10:16 PM
Originally Posted by Michael_Giovanni
Originally Posted by Hollander
Conor vs Cowboy in a few hours, should be a great fight. grin

Sure didn’t last very long. Those shoulders to the face were vicious. And once the kick to the jaw landed it was over.

Cerrone lost that fight before it even started. I always got the impression he was just there for the ride.
272 26,461 Read More
General Discussion / Other
Yesterday at 10:07 PM
Hall & Oates - Private Eyes
2,789 217,236 Read More
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