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May 27th, 2012
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Organized Crime - Real Life
17 minutes ago
Originally Posted by pmac
So whose the winners in all this? Leonardo rizzuto is free rite? If he is im guessing hes living on barrowed time. Should pack up and move to Wyoming if they allow him in the usa

Why would he run now? He’s been fighting since Vito died and now it seems that it’s finally paying off. If he was going to run he should have a long time ago lol shit is getting very interesting up there can’t wait to see who gets offed next
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Organized Crime - Real Life
18 minutes ago
Originally Posted by pmac
cassos house is amazing being thats its in brooklyn and on the water im guessing its worth idk 5 million today. i read fat pete owned the house next door. theres a picture of carmine persico brooklyn house its sweet to. jr gottis is nice but he basically got it from his dad rackets

Carmine has a sprawling river rock ranch on the farm as they call it , it’s close to 80ft. full basement the front porch is the length of the house and 15-18 ft. out . Place is tucked on the foothills of Catskills. The main house out front is now Tudor style but it was the original barn on the property and when remodeled the fist floor and still is for cars they have four or so cars in there all antique and a 30ft. bar in the card room there also . The upstairs is for the help on the farm.

Allie jr. had house to the left . and Allie Carmine’s brother has the house behind the old barn and Teddyhas the house behind that and there is more relatives houses on the farm .

Two more barns were built one in 70’s and another in 90 ish maybe 88 ? but that barn is so nice you can have a wedding in it and there have been many.

All of it can be seen with a little investigating . It’s onnly been since Michael remodeled his mother’s and fathers place and has been letting it be used for events these past few years , because before that photos where very rare but you can find them now. But not of some of the houses are not in photos only ones used for events are.

Brooklyn houses are nice all the family blood have nice property shit Michael owns half of Saugerties and not just him Italians like it there couple Gambino’s own up there also.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
38 minutes ago
Anti drugs operation in Zen, Palermo's toughest area. 10 arrests.

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Organized Crime - Real Life
53 minutes ago
Originally Posted by pmac
They still had the guy at that supermax at 90ty.

Like Seifert's son said yesterday ‘He was a tough bastard, hanging in there forever’.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
1 hour ago
The Minotaurs are a newly formed Hells Angels club-school it seems they have a lot of black gang members.
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The Godfather Trilogy
7 hours ago
Solozzo made a fatal mistake in underestimating Michael. But Sol sealed his own fate by making a bigger mistake earlier: letting Sonny’s show of greed convince him that Sonny would make a deal even if he killed Vito:

The drugs proposition was between Vito and Sol. But, Vito had Tess, Clem, Sonny, Fredo and Tom present. Why? I believe it was because Vito knew how drugs profits would stimulate greed, and tempt even his own most loyal people (N.B: the novel says Sonny wanted the deal to get out from under his father’s thumb and get some action on his own; and Sol knew Tom wanted the deal). Vito wanted all of them to hear his “no” at the same time—and he wanted Sol to see all of them hearing his “no”—so that none of them would be tempted to try to circumvent Vito’s will, and to preclude Sol from approaching them individually.

Sure enough, Sonny betrayed his greed at the meeting, encouraging Sol to kill Vito. But, Sol should have realized that shooting Vito backed Sonny into a corner: With all those witnesses to Vito’s “no,” he could never forego vengeance and go along with the deal without looking to the others that he betrayed his father for money. Sonny instinctively (and correctly) knew that he had no choice but to forego drug profits and to kill Sol to avenge his father.

In II, Michael tells Pentangeli that his father taught him to “think as others around you think.” If Sol had followed that advice, he would have realized that killing Vito would be the one thing to assure that Sonny, despite his show of greed, would never go along with his deal.

Your thoughts?
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Organized Crime - Real Life
8 hours ago
There's nothing wrong with being a whore for a dollar. There never has been.

I've watched about 20 minutes so far and what strikes me is Gravano is so limited of vocabulary. Not quite a mastermind. But you know on the streets he was a shark.

I'm hoping they cover some of the hits. I haven't read Underboss in years. Peter Maas was a good friend of my family and I read it in high school. Honestly, the two worked well together to write a very gripping book whether or not true crime is your "genre" or not.
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Food & Drink
9 hours ago
Tonight was beef and macaroni chili
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Organized Crime - Real Life
9 hours ago
Any good books that cover more recent activity? Like even the last decade? Even books about associates or connected businesses about events in the past decade?
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9 hours ago
Originally Posted by Revis_Knicks
Originally Posted by Irishman12
Pitiful way to end the series and their season. I think not having German on the roster really hurt us I doubt the Yankees pick up Encarnacion's $20 million option next year (they'll buy him out for $5 million). Now that they're out, LET'S GO NATS!

Very pitiful. I do think some changes need to be made and Cashman needs to get the right players in place for next year. Better starting pitching and less strikeouts. Those should be our goals.

I don't fault Cashman. The players didn't produce. I think they had the tools to win, they just didn't execute. Rumor is Cole's gonna go to Anaheim (or maybe San Diego) but the rumors are it'll definitely be out West. Strasburg I see staying in DC, even if he does opt out of the remainder of his contract. So the Yanks are going to have to pull off a trade if they're gonna get extra arms. Although, with German and Jordan Montgomery coming back, I'm not sure how urgent it is to get reinforcements. Also, I think not having Betances in the bullpen hurt us as well. He's a free agent and with him missing the entire year, save for one appearance, I wonder if the Yankees let him walk? Not to mention Chapman can opt out of his deal as well.
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Other Mob Films/Books/TV
10 hours ago
I enjoyed it a lot.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 11:43 PM
Originally Posted by Strax
Originally Posted by Revis_Knicks

What about Mogilevich? He’s controlled by the state?

Of course he is,everyone are, you can't come to that level without state/secret services. KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko recorded a tape where he explained how Mogilevich is close to Putin ,he was poisoned shortly after. As i said you,everyone in Eastern Europe are controlled by state/secret services, from most powerful mafia bosses to tycoons. Everyone here knows that , its like public secret. Arkan who was one of most richest people in Eastern Europe and very powerful war lord, started working for secret services as leader of football hooligans. Even today pretty much all leaders of football hooligans here work for secret services.

While the Russian state controls everything, it seems like the Italian state and the Italian mafia work together. The American mafia and the government used to work together too. But the American mob doesn’t have that kind of power or money anymore.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 09:20 PM
Originally Posted by Hollander
A building contractor was killed yesterday evening in Reggio Calabria. The victim, Francesco Cuzzocrea, 61 years already known to the police, was on a piece of land in the north-east of the city when several shots were fired at him.

According to the investigators, Cuzzocrea was affiliated with the Ficara-Latella clan. Already known to the police, between the end of the 1980s (Olimpia Trial) and the beginning of the 90s (Operation Valanidi 1) he was charged in criminal proceedings and sentenced to three years in prison for mafia association. In 2007 he attended a meeting in a restaurant with several bosses and politicians including the senator Sergio De Gregorio.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 07:22 PM
These guys are so ridiculously overpaid a stolen couple thousand bucks and some jewelry won't hurt them a bit lol
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General Discussion / Other
Yesterday at 07:08 PM
I would like to see some Stalingrad photos , eastern front was hell on earth. In just one city (Battle of Stalingrad) , there were more casualties than on the whole Western front.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 05:18 PM
Z where did i say john g and joe g .were not under paul. i said Saro was not. . i think they were placed with carlo's brother when they first got here but not 100% sure. paul closed hie etes ears to conte,gambino's and a few others..the american born guys were under microscope for drugs.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 04:21 PM
Originally Posted by BlackFamily

I'm aware of Oakland's crews in the Black underworld & 14s, 13s, & Border Brothers for the Latino gangs ; Asian Crips ( I think) / Gangs.

Have you ever heard of the 200/2 Letter Gang? They beef with the Baby Case gang and Acorn projects, maybe more idk.
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General Discussion / Other
Yesterday at 01:39 AM
George Harrison - Awaiting On You All
2,646 174,043 Read More
10/20/19 11:42 PM
i still can't believe we rescued a draw haha
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General Discussion / Other
10/20/19 11:42 PM
there are some weird and annoying errors on my computer i'm sick of it !!
i hope i'll figure a way to fix it
also right now i'm about to eat fruits...
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Organized Crime - Real Life
10/20/19 10:19 PM
Originally Posted by Hollander
I read the feds in 1985 indicted the guys who are said to have ordered the murder, Giuseppe 'Buffalo' Ganci and his brother-in-law, Salvatore 'The Baker' Catalano.

Also in '83 Sal's cousin Salvatore "Saca" Catalano (50) was shot and killed in his car, while driving his car through Glendale, Queens, by someone who was apparently in the car with him, probably at the command of his cousin Sal the Baker Catalano and his underboss Ganci, he was using heroin and became untrustworthy because of that. His killer was allegedly, Cesare Bonventre.

The moment The Baker found out Saca was using.
15 1,822 Read More
The Sopranos
10/20/19 08:16 PM
Looks like a must for any Sopranos fan, wish i could be there..
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Organized Crime - Real Life
10/20/19 07:51 PM
Maybe after some years and after everyone forget his name Comello maybe will do the same Whitey Bulger end.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
10/20/19 05:19 PM
Don't know if anybody ever saw the little table on the link below. It shows the background of the Vors in the "Russian" underworld. It also features a link to a Vor database. Don't know how much of it is accurate nowadays though;

The biggest Vor suppliers seem to be:

Georgians: a whopping 242 vors
Russians: 53 vors
Armenians: 30 vors
Yezidis (mostly from Georgia and Armenia): 26 vors - which is disproportionate seeing their community only numbers about 150000 in the former USSR
Azerbaijanis: 16 vors
Chechens: 9 vors
Abkhazians (though most of those seem to be of ethnic Georgian origin as well): 9 vors
Jews (often from Ukraine): 7 vors
286 39,449 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
10/20/19 04:34 PM
This guy stinks. Mentally ill writting books today i guess anything is possible.
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