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Jan 21st, 2020
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Organized Crime - Real Life
12 minutes ago
This may be a bit overboard; but is it possible that Victor Orena was one of the most powerful ''Acting Bosses'' of all time??

The guy had enough firepower and guys loyal to him to remove Persico as ''Official Boss''

He just made some ******* decisions.... He also had Greg Scarpa; and the FBI against him.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
16 minutes ago

If Castellano refused to get rid of Frank Piccolo; Do you think Chin would have still went on with a unsanctioned hit on Piccolo?


I agree; It was more then stepping on Gigante's toes.... There's way more too it.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
5 hours ago
A vast operation of the State Police is underway from the early hours of this morning, aimed at the execution of 12 arrests [11 in prison and 1 under house arrest] issued against top elements, lieutenants and affiliated to the powerful gangs of the 'Ndrangheta SERRAINO and LIBRI operating in the city of Reggio Calabria, all held responsible for mafia association and, in various capacities, for extortion, fictitious registration of assets, damage, port and illegal possession of firearms, corruption for acts contrary to official duties, illegal competition with violence or threat, fire, aggravated by the circumstance of the mafia method and facilitation.
The investigation has made it possible to ascertain how the top of the SERRAINO gang is currently represented by Maurizio Cortese, son-in-law of Paolo Pitasi, formerly trusted man of Francesco Serraino, the "mountain boss", assassinated during the second war of 'Ndrangheta. Over the years Cortese - captured as a fugitive in 2017 by the Mobile Squad and the Carabinieri - has acquired increasing importance within the mafia groups.
The investigation revealed several elements that demonstrate how the chief cosca had a cell phone available in prison - found on 9 April 2019 by the Prison Police - with which he was able to communicate confidentially with the outside world and to issue instructions to his wife who lent herself to act as a postman and to other associates, with the use of cryptic language but pertaining to the dynamics and criminal activities of the gang of which he continued to hold the reins despite the state of restriction.
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Movies & Television
7 hours ago
HOMBRE (1967)

John Russell (Paul Newman), white guy raised by and lives with Apaches in 1880s Arizona, inherits a boarding house from his white father, which he sells immediately. He gets on a stagecoach out of town with an interesting bunch, including Cicero Grimes (Richard Boone, peerless bad guy), who's in with a group of holdup men who are after big bucks that one of the passengers, Dr. Favor (Frederick March) embezzled from Indians in his charge. The robbery leaves the passengers on foot and short of water, but the robbers without the money. The passengers, who dissed Russell, now need him to show them how to survive. The script (from an Elmore Leonard novel) is intelligent and sharp on the hypocrisy of the whites. Acting is superb, especially by Diane Cilento, as the tart-tongued boarding house manager Russell made jobless when he sold the place; Barbara Rush as Favor's world-weary wife; ever-versatile Martin Balsam (always good) as the stagecoach driver, and Frank Silvera (also always good) as one of the bad guys. One of my favorite Westerns.
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General Discussion / Other
8 hours ago
Right now at my hospital we have 28 positive cases with five on a ventilator and 36 with symptoms and awaiting test results. Still getting dicked on supplies. All elective surgeries will come to a halt on Friday. The best part of this, is that visitors are not permitted.
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Movies & Television
11 hours ago

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General Discussion / Other
12 hours ago
Good Night, Im shot.

[Linked Image]
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BB Word Games
12 hours ago
All people and
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General Discussion / Other
12 hours ago
The Waitresses - I Know What Boys Like
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 11:53 PM
Van O. was part of several criminal groups called 'the Alliance' or Los Pepes, they formed a front against Taghi's reign of terror.
Los Pepes were called after the colombian vigilante group made up of enemies of Pablo Escobar.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 11:04 PM
This arrest followed right after the one that put Diego Serrano in prison, which seems to have lead to the targeting of his son by people from Hamilton.

Son of East End Hamilton Parkdale Clubber, Mike Watson kid, Zane is one of the arrested. Does anyone know if he got any prison time?
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 09:27 PM
Italian police on Tuesday arrested 28 people in a probe into the penetration of the Camorra's Senese clan into Rome's economic and business fabric.
Dawn raids were carried out in the provinces of Rome, Naples, Verona, Frosinone, and L'Aquila.
Over 200 police and finance guards took part in the operation.
Those arrested were accused of extortion, usury, fraudulent transfer of goods and assets, money laundering, and reusing ill-gotten gains.
Assets worth some 15 million euros were seized.
Police said they had "decapitated" the leadership of the Senese clan operating in the Italian capital.
They said the Camorra clan had been operating in Rome for many years.
Among those issued warrants were clan leader Michele Senese aka "O' pazz" (Crazy), currenty in jail for a 2001 murder; his brother Angelo Senese; his son Vincenzo; and his wife Raffaella Gaglione.
They are all accused of using mafia methods to help the Campanian mafia penetrate the Roman economy.
The Camorra is based in Campania, the region around Naples, but also operates elsewhere in Italy and abroad. (ANSA).
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 12:30 PM
Originally Posted by antimafia
Originally Posted by antimafia
Two of Daniel Renaud's articles -- same topic -- were published online today.

Pluie de constats dans un repaire de la mafia

La propriétaire du café Bellerose dit n'avoir «rien à voir» avec la mafia

Laval : le Café Bellerose fermé jusqu’à nouvel ordre

Un café fréquenté par des mafieux en pleine pandémie
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 11:10 AM
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The Godfather Trilogy
Yesterday at 04:10 AM
Makes sense! Turnbull “pleased him [Greene] that he could humiliate the son of the great Vito Corleone in public” and did

Greene thought the Corleones were washed up Hence Greene could slap a Corleone around in public, insult another Corleone and still keep the Hotel

Don't mean to be pedantic!
What confuses me - the way Greene breezed in with a swagger, full of “confidence and disdain of the Corleones” “hey Mike, hello fellas” and offering “everything you want” - was “Moe scared? behind all that bluster”

Michael undoubtedly goaded Greene and succeeded ["murderous rages"] with his “Corleone Family wants to buy you out”
Greene promptly loses his temper and reveals “I talked to Barzini I can make a deal with him and still keep my hotel

It seems to me whilst Greene figured Michael's visit was an attempt to collect on the IOU [though Greene seemed to think indignantly his 'favour' of taking Fredo in, when the Corleones were having a bad time, squares the deal and he owes nothing] Greene seemed confident he was prepared and invulnerable with Barzini 'guarding' Greene and his hotel

Greene was slipping! Someone was able to just walk into the massage room and “put a bullet through his eye” unless the masseur was the same guy as Sonny's Causeway toll-collector!
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The Godfather Trilogy
Yesterday at 04:10 AM
Fredo and Michael had the decency and sensitivity -

1. Fredo waited until Greene exited before his angry outburst at Michael
2. Michael sent Neri and Rocco out of the Desert Inn room before discussing Fredo with Tom

The way Kay sprung such a personal and private “children are outside we're going” on Michael in front of 'hired help' whether they be Neri or Rocco, was in extreme poor taste
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 02:40 AM
Originally Posted by Hollander
El Vicentillo claimed there was an immunity deal between Mexico and the U.S, Sinaloa Cartel leaders provided federal agents with information about rival drug gangs.

Yeah I read somewhere that the SInaloa Cartel were providing federal agents with information on their rivals. I guess that immunity deal got thrown out the window.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 02:14 AM
A very cool article...

The New England Mafia

A look at the notorious mafiosi who make up the membership of the New England Family of Cosa Nostra.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
07/07/20 08:28 PM
My feelings are basically the same, I just don’t see it but my reasoning is the lack of real candidates to choose from. The grooming just doesn’t exist, there’s zero immigration for Italians, zero street toughs to choose from and let’s face it these suburb raised kids are really glorified wannabes from an era gone by. They’re in no way street smart, raised in places like East Hanover, NJ I’m sure they get schooled (sarcasm), they’re not wanting for anything so they’re not “hungry” and honestly, does anyone think they’re capable to Carry out a hit and really do the time without turning states witness? That’s my reasoning unless they import desperate hungry guys from overseas.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
07/07/20 08:14 PM
Big scoop from The Financial Times about the fact that from 2015 to 2019, Global investors, including one of the biggest Banks in Europe (Generali), bought about €1 billion bonds backed by front companies of the N'Drangheta.

Apparently, the N'dranghetta was able to issue these bonds through its activities in the Health sector in Italy.

While the involvement of the Mafia in the financial market is not news, this is clearly taking it to another level. This scheme enabled the N'Drangheta to get large quantity of funds from legitimate companies. Usually, it's the Mob who try to get into the capital of legitimate companies not the other way around.

Basically, a big European bank and many private financial actors unknowingly invested in the Calabrian Mafia.

This proves once again that the N'Drangheta is probably the most sophisticated criminal organization in the world.

Source :

International investors reportedly bought bonds backed by the Italian mafia

Published Tue, Jul 7 20203:13 PM EDT

The report said an estimated €1 billion in private bonds backed by front companies charged with working for the Calabrian ’Ndrangheta mafia group were bought by global investors between 2015 and 2019.

These bonds were bought by pension funds, hedge funds, family offices as well as Banca Generali — one of the biggest private banks in Europe — the FT reported.

Investors around the globe were buying bonds backed by a notorious mafia in Italy for four years, The Financial Times reported, citing financial and legal documents.

The report said an estimated €1 billion in private bonds backed by front companies charged with working for the Calabrian ’Ndrangheta mafia group were bought by global investors between 2015 and 2019.

These bonds were bought by pension funds, hedge funds, family offices as well as Banca Generali — one of the biggest private banks in Europe — the FT reported. The Italian bank purchased those bonds through an instrument constructed by Geneva-base investment bank CFE, the newspaper said.

These bonds, according to the FT, were created out of unpaid invoices to public health authorities in Italy from companies providing medical services. One debt deal, which was purchased by institutional investors, contained assets sold by a refugee camp in Italy’s Calabria region.

CFE said it did not knowingly buy assets linked to criminal activity. Banca Generali told the newspaper it was “getting to know right now of the mentioned bad news.

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General Discussion / Other
07/07/20 03:36 PM
Thats funny Hood, I will check it out.

Im heading out to garden to do some tending.
if it does not rain.
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The Godfather Trilogy
07/07/20 02:45 AM
Peppino, there's a great deal of BS about Siegel and Dragna, most of it perpetuated by Mickey Cohen, a small timer and a publicity hound. Dragna's main racket was shaking down bookies. Siegel went West to expand gambling, which he saw as underdeveloped by Dragna and Tony "The Admiral" Cornero, who ran gambling ships out of LA harbor. Siegel and Dragna were in conflict, but they found a way to cooperate by building the Trans Continental Racing Wire, with NY's help, which the bookies needed and which brought in an enormous amount of revenue.

No one was ever arrested, much less tried and convicted, in Siegel's murder. Some writers think Dragna was responsible, out of resentment of Siegel. I think Siegel was murdered on NY's orders because of the Flamingo fiasco.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
07/06/20 11:00 PM
The appeal trial of Robert Dawes, presented as one of the biggest drug traffickers in Europe, opened on Monday in Paris.
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General Discussion / Other
07/06/20 10:45 PM
Originally Posted by mustachepete
Originally Posted by Mikey_Sunset

Charlie Daniels - 83 - Probably best known for The Devil Went Down to Georgia, I've always enjoyed Uneasy Rider for its comedy and Legend of Wooley Swamp just because it's a bad ass song.

40 years since they released "In America." Where could those years have gone?

R.I.P. Charlie..."dont let devil steal your soul".....
115 7,414 Read More
The Sopranos
07/06/20 12:38 PM
It's so sad that every time I watch the show I come to a realization that we're never going to see anything like that anymore....
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