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Jan 21st, 2020
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Organized Crime - Real Life
9 minutes ago
Bonanno specifically mentions a guy last name "Parrino" during the Castellamarese war as a traitor to the family who Maranzano wanted dead... reading between the lines, Bonanno was definitely involved in this hit.
after becoming boss, he had an issues with Consiglieri Francisco Italiano, who famously opposed Bonanno during the family vote. He was whacked out. Fillippo Rappa, another Consiglieri, was demoted and whacked for similar reasons. of course, there were several others BEFORE the very bloody Bananas war. Bonanno was a hitter
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Organized Crime - Real Life
28 minutes ago
this is probably the most misunderstood subjects in mob history.... i pose this question.... if i'm a godfather for 30 years, with a history of handling business in-house, why would i trust a new godfather(who doesn't have control of his family and no allies like his predecessor) to do a high profile hit on other bosses??? it makes no logical sense.
It makes more sense that, Magliocco decided on his own to whack Luchesse and Gambino. they were meddling in Profaci family affairs by supporting the Gallos. Bonanno didn't do anything to intercede (like in the Mangano/Anastasia hits), which was as good as Co-signing the attempt. Luchesse and Gambino used this (with the help of Magaddino) as a powerplay to take control of the Drug trade, take the few unions that the Bonannos had and acquire territory/rackets in Brooklyn. This Is why Bonanno was exiled (without getting whacked). It was all bullshit haha. the proof is
a.) Bonanno doesn't get whacked for allegedly plotting whacking out 5 bosses lol
b.) rise of the Cherry hill Gambinos in the 70s
c.) union/garment businesses that that NY Bonannos were pushed out of in the late 60s/early70s
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Organized Crime - Real Life
1 hour ago
I am a early Bonanno family supporter (you might say a loyalist haha) but i am unbiased when talking about LCN.... Bonanno did break omerta for ego reasons (mainly imo, to clear up the "misinterpreted" Banana war and subsequent retirement/exile.
the book is important because it is source material to verify certain events but many people seem to forget, it was not cool like it is today to admit to being one of the most important people in the drug business. much of the book can be decoded if you have other evidence and can read between the lines.... lastly many people who were associated with Bonanno's NY downfall, were still alive plus why would you want to be associated with Galante, who was publicly murdered just a few years earlier???
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Organized Crime - Real Life
4 hours ago
^ madafferi and barbaro
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Organized Crime - Real Life
6 hours ago
Man convicted in stabbing at Hamilton mobster’s home sentenced
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General Discussion / Other
7 hours ago
A choir decided to go ahead with rehearsal. Now dozens of members have COVID-19 and two are dead

Jamie Lloyd-Smith, a UCLA infectious disease researcher, said it’s possible that the forceful breathing action of singing dispersed viral particles in the church room that were widely inhaled.

“One could imagine that really trying to project your voice would also project more droplets and aerosols,” he said.

Linsey Marr, an environmental engineer at Virginia Tech and an expert on airborne transmission of viruses, said some people happen to be especially good at exhaling fine material, producing 1,000 times more than others.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
9 hours ago
Zorro,story is accurate but I think it was a little more than that in weight, no doubt billy a throwback to a different time.
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General Discussion / Other
9 hours ago
Going to bed. Goodnight everyone!
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Organized Crime - Real Life
9 hours ago
Would this affect the living relatives of lomardozzi still in the life? Their reps may be historically based on their connection to this legend that had a flirt with the feds back in the day. To be fair none of the info that supposedly came from him seemed heavy - mainly just bs about some Baltimore crew and some mob rumours of the day. He clearly had a lot more knowledge than what he gave being a ranking member of the family so maybe he was playing games with the feds. Also feds in the 60s I’m sure could easily lie as they can do now..
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Organized Crime - Real Life
9 hours ago
Funny how no one give a crap about the other oc and he writes a book on the brokester mafia crew! I’m included in that category - I have a limited interest in oc outside of Italian American mob. Just like all the power from back in the day and how they got so powerful in a civilised country. Colombia, Mexico, Russia, China as countries you expect a disgusting amount of corruption and they never fail to disappoint.

Still surprised they never got massive in England and proper based families out of here. A lot of guys like the commission trial bosses would’ve easily seen light again. Even Gotti. In the US life means life usually with a stupid minimum tariff. What about that white boy rick lol. A 17 year old child over here would’ve been out within 5 years!!!! Same with George martorano in philly - he served like 30/40 years over weed!!! F*cking psycho judges that rick was 17 and an fbi informant. That would be a scandal over here and the boy would get probation.

3 strikes law is insane. If that got brought up in UK parliament it would get laughed out the room. Crime don’t pay in the US man - stay straight lol
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Organized Crime - Real Life
10 hours ago
Does anyone know about the Persicos current wealth? Are they set forever as a family now? Carmine put in a lot of work since the valachi days. I was reading the Valachi book the other day and there’s a page on perisco at the time of the book being a young up and coming force to be reckoned with and valachi was currently testifying against him on that silly gun rap that cost him yearsss back in the 60s/early 70s.

He put in so much work and kept control of one of the 5families in some capacity for like 4/5 decades. Surely they are insanely wealthy as a family forever otherwise what is the point lol
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The Sopranos
10 hours ago
That’s true they were hard headed with Jackie Sr the only one with the charisma and power to be the boss. What an actor senior was may I say - would’ve loved to have seen him in more flashbacks. Was weird watching Tony be subservient to him in the flashbacks. Tony was subservient to no one for all of the series really.. maybe slightly to NY but even then he went to war with NY and even pushed back against Carmine Sr.

And Chris should’ve been whacked in the first 3 seasons man.

And giacamo surely violi and rizzutos probably win the most deaths in the family Jesus Christ. What about the 2 Genovese guys thrown off a roof just to be made examples of on the no drug rule by chin? Imagine being a close family member and within the space of 2 weeks both of them thrown off a roof. Regardless of all the persons deeds I would always feel for the family. I would feel for the gangster too if all his crimes were non violent (no bodies)!!!
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General Discussion / Other
11 hours ago
Fountains of Wayne frontman Adam Schlesinger dies from coronavirus complications at 52
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Food & Drink
Yesterday at 11:17 PM
What 2 weeks of quarantine looks like. Was finally able to try a Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. (Small Batch) and it was amazing! Hard to find but definitely in my top 3 now. Wolcott was good as well.
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BB Word Games
Yesterday at 11:13 PM
I just want
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BB Word Games
Yesterday at 10:47 PM
A: Charlie the bank clerk to Ace after he put Ginger as the account holder

Q: Look, you’ve got to calm down now. You’re going to give yourself a heart attack.
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The Godfather Trilogy
Yesterday at 10:01 PM
Were Michael Corleone and his bodyguard riding in it? wink
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The Godfather Trilogy
Yesterday at 09:58 PM
I started a thread on this subject a long time ago:
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 07:47 PM
Almost $30 million in drugs seized in nearly half-mile-long tunnel linking US and Mexico
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 04:12 PM
Its almost as if the Shadow Government = a quasi Narco/Mafiosi Government, this quarantine, could be another step towards something like that!!

Massive opportunities available or soon to be.

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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 12:47 PM
Originally Posted by Dwalin2011
Originally Posted by Hollander
UFC’s Darren Till poses for picture with Daniel Kinahan, alleged leader of the Kinahan Cartel

I noticed that lately Daniel is often described as the leader, but why, is his father Christy already retired? He isn't that old yet.

Christy's health hasn't been great in 2018 he was hospitalized with heart problems, Danny and Christopher Jr. are running day to day operations but Christy is still the boss the same with other old timers like The Penguin and The Monk.
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General Discussion / Other
Yesterday at 10:50 AM
Released today Public Enemy - Food as a Machine Gun !
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Movies & Television
Yesterday at 09:33 AM
Just finished watching Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry. That will always be a classic.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 02:52 AM
never better said bigfella. great time to hear that. first time in 101 years, we have a life epedimic... no need to argue wit any one now.. just go get laid.... But this stuff is shure gonna slow crime down.. and no gambleing no restaruants or bars.. some people might go crazy with just boredom. tougher days are comeing, everyone is gonna b tight for money.. but bigfella one time a few years ago i read, that there are sicilians working here. and do not even know the american guys.. and it might even of been here where i read that.. i cant remember where i seen that.. but i do remember that the sicilian guys do not deal or even know joey and the boys..
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 02:02 AM
Yes you are right bronx and is Antonio Gambino his brother?
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