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May 27th, 2012
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Organized Crime - Real Life
25 minutes ago
Not saying it will not be Teddy but he is very reckless and has bad judgment and did not mingle with any of the bosses that are now the heads of the families.

All the bosses knew the guys that are running the family ( now ) and Allie .

If Teddy is put up it may be the end as we know it of the Colombo’s .
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Organized Crime - Real Life
30 minutes ago
Originally Posted by K1NG6
Originally Posted by Serpiente
And has been for a while, it was funny that the mob experts had him being a good boy and they were / are soooo far off.

Serp, it seems like that info you posted about Mikey Lance has spread pretty quick! It looks like whoever runs a certain mob website reads this forum - it just so happens that right after you posted that the top story on their website is about George Borgesi being the new acting boss in Philly. The article also cites information about Lance being sick, and I haven't seen that posted anywhere else or by anyone but you.

I was told a longtime ago by someone very close to him and another that hangs with many of them .... but I was asked to keep quiet.
So I did till i herd people at the bar talking about it and I knew it was just a matter of a couple weeks before it hit the news.

Yeah all kinds of people are here mostly a lot of youngsters but then there is the others .
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Organized Crime - Real Life
55 minutes ago
It's only my opinion or after Vito Rizzuto was jailed in 2004,in canada many balances (many of which date back to the 70s) have been broken and not only the Sicilians but also the Calabrians started to kill each others? Or there are two mob war,one in Montreal and another in Toronto?
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Organized Crime - Real Life
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Strax
Well in January 1981 they established a "peace", maybe that u meant when u said 1981 , but peace was broken literally 2-3 weeks after. And war continued until 1983 when police arrested over 800 people in a single day

In 1981 Lorenzo Nuvoletta tried to make a peace.
Whats the problems?

1)The NCO forced the old clans to pay a tax on every cigarettes boxes that was download ed in Naples port and after even for every drug cargos.
2)In 1980 with the earthquake Cutolo wanted the big share on reconstruction rackets.

At least Nuvoletta proposed to Cutolo that the old clans will operate independently in Naples and that all the territories out Naples would be under the NCO.

Cutolo agreed but after the Cirillo kidnap the secret services promised to Cutolo that he will free in few times so Cutolo break the truce.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
7 hours ago
Son of mob underboss pleads guilty to racketeering, conspiring to whack mafia associate

Aug 20, 2019 7:50 PM

The son of a Luchese family underboss pleaded guilty to racketeering and murder conspiracy charges Tuesday, and faces a maximum of 13 years behind bars for his part in an attempt to have another mobster whacked.

Luchese captain Steven Crea Jr. admitted to plotting with his father, underboss Steven Crea, to kill Bonanno family associate Carl Ulzheimer in 2012 for dissing the elder Crea during a Bronx social club encounter.

Yonkers mobster Vincent Bruno failed to carry out the hit at Ulzheimer’s Bronx home, and the dispute was hashed out before he could try again. Bruno has since taken a plea deal.

A federal indictment accused the younger Crea of participating in the slaying of Michael Meldish, 62, the one-time co-leader of a homicidal crew called the Purple Gang, but he did not admit to the killing as part of his guilty plea Tuesday, his lawyers said.

“Our client did not enter a plea of guilty to the murder of Michael Meldish because he is not guilty of that conduct. In fact, he took more time rather than enter a plea to something that is not true,” said his lawyers, Joseph DiBenedetto and Seth Ginsburg in a statement Tuesday night.

Authorities found Meldish on Nov. 15, 2013, with a bullet to the head inside a parked Lincoln, the driver-side door still open.

Crea Jr., 46, passed a polygraph exam last November administered by retired FBI veteran Jeremiah Hanafin, best known for conducting a test on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford.

He entered his guilty plea in White Plains federal court Tuesday, pleading guilty to racketeering, murder conspiracy and attempted assault in aid of racketeering.

The case against his 72-year-old father is still pending.
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Other Mob Films/Books/TV
9 hours ago
Anyone know who Palmintieri is playing? Can't find it anywhere online.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
9 hours ago


I read in Sammy Bulls autobiography he said he was among the onlookers who gathered around after the cops
showed up and started securing the scene. I thought that was interesting.

Not impossible, even likely. The street we were on had several made guys from various families on it and Wild Bill Cutolo lived right around the corner on 48th St in that year and for many more after.
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BB Word Games
10 hours ago
Be set up
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Food & Drink
10 hours ago
Originally Posted by Irishman12
Last night I made slow cooker Italian chickpeas over pasta. Not too bad and healthy too!

Very nice , love pasta & peas.

Also Past badon..... pasta & potato

My wife made a sauce today with our own garden tomato.
She cuts up the tomatoes, places them on a cookie sheet adding crushed garlic, salt & pepper, a little olive oil and some oregano. Bakes them 400 for 40mins.
Let them cool, whack up in a blender and pour into a pot simmering for another half hour.
She adds meat, sausage or chop meat, serves over pasta.

Its our summer sauce and is awesome.

I like her winter sauce best, that cooks all day with meat in it but this is a quick garden sauce.
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General Discussion / Other
11 hours ago
Yeah man, Watermelon is always a great treat in the good old summertime
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General Discussion / Other
11 hours ago
Originally Posted by MeyerLansky
dues you guys be strong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks ALL.....I’m good, just worried about my wife.

She is going roughly through the stages of Grief.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 10:42 PM
P2 was active in Argentina too
460 53,104 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 10:24 PM
10 1,608 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 07:49 PM
Originally Posted by furio_from_naples
In Mexico one year ago a chinese that was selling chemical precursors for make metanphetamine to the Cartels,was arrested and was seized 200 milions dollars in cash in his room.

That bust in Mexico w/the Chinese national was in 09 ... 10 years already...imagine how they’ve adapted
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 06:50 PM
Originally Posted by DiLorenzo
Don't ya just love it when its the defendant screwing over the lawyer rather then the lawyer screwing over the defendant ??

As The Great One would say: "How Sweet It Is"!
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 01:12 PM
Can we say with any degree of certainty that Matthew Staikos was killed as a result of mafia linked activity? His murder appears more like gang initiation that it does a mob hit.

Simon Giannini on the other hand looked like a calculated hit but was it mob related or payback for his brother screwing investors over?

both those two murder investigations appeared to go cold REALLY fast
24 1,426 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 09:07 AM
Well they were both on the run , that is big difference , if you show up on the door with camera and whole crew and they are not on the run i guess it is indeed risky but they wouldn't do anything. Why bring unnecessary heat to yourself,but if you find someone who is on the run and come up to them with camera,well that wouldn't end well. Try going for Matteo Messina Denaro and somehow finding him for an interview...
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General Discussion / Other
Yesterday at 05:52 AM
Tindersticks - Tiny Tears
2,578 144,961 Read More
Yesterday at 04:38 AM
i've always said that martial can be one of the best strikers !
i hope he continue like that !
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 03:38 AM
35-40 seems like alot

I look at it this way

Up until very recently before the first body dropped in Hamilton

Basically the opinion of Hamilton was there was very little more than likely NOTHING going on
And the groups over there were dead by the way of the Buffalo, dead since Papallia and Borello were killed in the 90's

That those groups were so weak that they could not have hit back in the 90's

Now that assessment seems a little off.

These guys are dropping these bodies and burying their sons and brothers has to be for some decent rackets...
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Organized Crime - Real Life
08/19/19 07:57 PM
Originally Posted by Sonny_Black
Originally Posted by mr_white
So what did Verducci ever do to get himself killed?

He became a victim of a conflict between the Coluccio and Figliomeni clans. He also allegedly sided with Montagna against the Rizzutos, who knows whether that played a role too.

And yet another theory is provided by Anna Sergi -- go to and scrub to the 16:00 mark.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
08/19/19 03:47 PM
Drug trafficking operation broken up in Spain and Portugal
A drug trafficking organisation operating throughout the Iberian peninsular has been dismantled, according to a statement released by the Spanish National Police. In an operation against the gang, 475 kilos of cocaine were seized and a total of 14 people arrested: 11 in the northwestern city of Pontevedra, two in Valencia and one in Portugal.

Police carried out nine raids during which they seized 12,000 euros in cash, 12 satellite phones, four vehicles with double bottoms and a trailer equipped with a sophisticated hydraulic hiding system, in which the organisation moved more of 300 kilos of cocaine. The Civil Guard also discovered an indoor marijuana plantation with a thousand plants that belonged to the organisation.

Investigations began last year, when police specialised in combating organised crime learned of the existence of a criminal group based in Pontevedra, made up of people with a history of drug trafficking.

In July last year, the investigation intervened in the delivery of more than 300 kilos of cocaine as it was being moved from Galicia in the north west of Spain to Valencia in its eastern Mediterranean coast.

The agents discovered the drug in a garage in the town of Quart de Poblet near Valencia, being guarded by two members of the organisation.

In Portugal, 175 kilograms of cocaine were seized which had arrived from the neighbouring Spanish province of Pontevedra. One person was arrested near Coimbra in this joint operation between the Judicial Police of Porto and the Spanish National Guard.

According to the police, the cocaine would arrive in Galicia from South America before being transported to various locations in Spain and Portugal in trailers equipped with false bottoms with capacity to store more than 300 kilograms of the drug.

The detainees used advanced technical means to avoid being detected and invested significant amounts of money in secure communications, Spanish police said.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
08/19/19 02:51 PM
If it was an Apple phone and he uses the cloud, it will be on his other device simultaneously, no?
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Organized Crime - Real Life
08/19/19 12:38 PM
Originally Posted by JC
Originally Posted by Hollander
Don't forget in those years Bufalino was appointed as an "interim boss" of the Genovese crime family by the Commission at a time when that crime family was experiencing internal difficulties.

With all due respect it makes no sense that the Genovese would let anyone pick a boss for their family. They wewre arguably still the most powerful family in the country in the late 60's early 70's, easily still in the top 3, and had a ton of guys who were powers in their own right who could run the family (Lombardo, Tieri, Salerno, Catena, etc.). They didn't need an interim boss, and I doubt that they would let either rival families (Gambino) or lesser out of town families (Philly, Detroit) have a say in deciding who would run their family. The line of sucession is fairly straight forward: Genovese dies in 1969, Catena takes over,, he goes to jail in 1970 and sometime while he is in jail Lombardo/Tieri start running the family, in 1981 Fat Tony is briefly the boss before his stroke, then the Chin takes over. When would Bufalino have run the family? Sorry, that doesn't hold water, the Genovese wouldn't let someone from coal country come in and run the family.

As for the Gallo hit, do you really think that that the bosses in NY said "He insulted Bufalino? That's the final straw, we can't let that stand!" After all that he had done, insulting an ouf ot town boss was what finally got him clipped? If you really believe that I don't know what to tell you, I might have some swamp land in Florida and a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

I also don't think Bufalino had the authority to clip Gallo, who was still a member of the Colombos, without first consulting the Colombo leadership. And normally such matters takes some time and are not arranged within one evening. And indeed, if Bufalino/Sheeran knew where to find Gallo, how come the Colombos themselves somehow weren't able to as they had all the reason in the world to get rid of him.

This movie is going to be filled with artistic license. Scorsese's former mob movies (Goodfellas and Casino) were largely factual.
23 3,046 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
08/19/19 12:31 PM
Former Colombian boss targeted by attempted murder last week.

Edgar Guillermo Vallejo Guarín was shot twice while in his car in the Calima Lake area, north of Cali, Valle del Cauca Department. Nicknamed "Beto el Gitano", he was on the list of the most wanted traffickers in the 1990s and was arrested for drug trafficking in Spain in 2008. He was then extradited from Spain to the United States, before returning to Colombia after serving his sentence. To the police arrived after the attack, the man presented fires identification papers but with his real photo.
The building where the attack took place is believed to be linked to Leyner Valencia Espinosa, who was sentenced to 7 years in prison in the United States and returned to Colombia in 2014. "Beto el Gitano" was with Dairo Valencia Espinosa, brother of Leyner, during his arrest in Mexico in 2010. He was also close to the third brother, Nelson Rubiel Cañar Valencia, extradited in 2009 to the United States for trafficking in cocaine and heroin. The brothers, nicknamed the "Valencia clan", were then linked to the Mexican cartel Beltran Leyva.
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