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May 27th, 2012
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Organized Crime - Real Life
5 minutes ago
Serious question. Has anyone from MS-13 ever walked onto a school campus and shot 17 people?
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Organized Crime - Real Life
30 minutes ago
allie boys done like 30yrs in the worst federal prisons in the usa. if he isnt a full blown nut mafia/ white power hes folding someones laundry. i doubt it.
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General Discussion / Other
1 hour ago

LIBERAL CIVIL WAR: Bernie Suggests CLINTON CAMPAIGN Hid Russia Meddling Info
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Organized Crime - Real Life
2 hours ago
massino said he went to one as the underboss i would guess he went with rustelli. he said it was rite before big paul was killed. they wanted to get there familys vote back. he said the one in 2000 was just abunch of representatives of familys. theres a buch of lists of who. i bet atleast 3 of the 5 bosses acting or whatever has met recently.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
2 hours ago
The now former mayor of San Biagio Platani in Agrigento, Santo Sabella, resigned the day before the hearing at the Court of the Review of Palermo, and the alleged boss Giuseppe Nugara, with whom he would close an electoral pact in the 2014 administrative elections, remain in prison. The same decision was made for the 38-year-old from Santa Elisabetta, Francesco Fragapane, aspiring provincial head of Cosa Nostra and the main point of reference in the area.
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Yesterday at 11:41 PM
It is also Mourinho this is how he want them to play this is how he wins trophies. but if you want attacking football United should have kept Van Gaal.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 10:06 PM
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General Discussion / Other
Yesterday at 09:46 PM
Johnny Cash - Get Rhythm
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General Discussion / Other
Yesterday at 09:21 PM
The Elvis 68 Comeback would have been some concert to attend..
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General Discussion / Other
Yesterday at 09:10 PM
Im ginger and could not care less if i have a emoji or not.. wink
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Movies & Television
Yesterday at 06:50 PM

Harvey Keitel gives a great performance of an alcoholic, drugged out, degenerate gambling NYC detective. Playing against the background of a fictitious MLB playoff series between the New York Mets and Los Angeles Dodgers (this is after Strawberry switched sides from New York to LA). Abel Ferrara once again does a fantastic job at capturing New York City during this time period. MS. 45 herself Zoe Tamerlis Lund even makes a brief appearance in two scenes with Harvey where he's shooting up (she co-wrote the script with Abel). A sad tale of abuse of power, giving into one's vices, and redemption seeking. 6/10


Featuring a very young Brooke Shields (11-years-old), ALICE, SWEET ALICE is a decent 70's horror film. In order to not spoil anything, I would have preferred who the audience originally thinks the killer is as I think it would have been an interesting take as a horror movie. Linda Miller gives a good performance as the "my child could never do that" mother, who is afraid to admit to herself that her daughter could be capable of murder. 5/10
964 81,033 Read More
General Discussion / Other
Yesterday at 06:37 PM
Originally Posted by Belmont
Originally Posted by Giacomo_Vacari
Divorce and out of wedlock are two different things. 75 percent? No way. More like 50 percent. Oh, while on the subject of incarceration, perhaps city schools stop looking like prisons and more like a schools.

Look at all the data, its about 75% of all blacks born out of wedlock. Its not even debatable, its a fact.

Black Family, some people use heroin and dont get addicted but we all know the chances of being addicts from using heroin increase dramatically if someone uses it. If you are born out of wedlock your chances of being incarcerated and living an unproductive life increase dramatically. Yet knowing this, blacks continue to have out of wedlock kids and refuse to accept responsiblity for these children.
C’mon, wake up already. If blacks get their out of wedlock birth rate down below 35%, we probably wouldnt be having discussions regarding injustice. Enough is enough ! Its like get with the damn program already!!!

Like I said before I AM one of those out of wedlock babies and know other peers as well. Therefore those chances are not entirely ACCURATE! You keep thinking that's it's a monolithic problem that solves everything is beyond foolish. Stop oversimplifying my community with your ignorance .
Same goes for you to Alexandarns.

You 2 need to get yourselves out of that idealogy . This is why bigotry isn't going anywhere
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 06:32 PM
I think he goes back to philly send a philly guy to Florida to watch things, and send messages through his trusted associates
364 24,332 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 06:26 PM
Love how they mentioned, Genovese Patsy said to Rubeo, STAY away from Merlino hes a walking indictment! LMAO
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 06:03 PM
Strax didn't have Zabac links to Darko Saric?

By Janene Pieters on July 3, 2015 - 16:25
The police arrested Darko T., who is suspected of being a gang member of a notorious Serbian drug organization, in Amsterdam-West on Thursday night, the Public Prosecutor announced on Friday.

According to the Public Prosecutor, the drug organization is widely involved in cocaine trade. Justice in Serbia had issued an international arrest warrant for T., along with a requested extradition. "For some time there have been signals that T. may be hiding in the Netherlands", the Prosecutor said.

According to information provided by the Serbian authorities, T. is a member of Darko Saric's notorious drug organization. Saric was arrested last year in a joint action consisting of Serbian, Argentinian and American police officers and judicial authorities after a large shipment of cocaine was intercepted in Uruguay.

T. lived in Italy in 2008 and 2009. There he was allegedly involved in large-scale cocaine trafficking between South American and Western Europe. "He visited Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay for drug business and allegedly prepared the purchase of 2,171 kilos of cocaine that would have been transported to Western Europe by boat", the prosecutor said. "This shipment was intercepted and that was the start of what became known as Operation Balkan Warrior."

T. is of both Montenegrin and Dutch nationality. His extradition request will be handled by the Amsterdam District Court.
211 5,893 Read More
The Sopranos
Yesterday at 05:57 PM
227 50,058 Read More
General Discussion / Other
Yesterday at 05:43 PM
About to feed the little one..
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 05:01 PM
Dont they own a nice restaurant out there
48 2,695 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 04:15 PM
Nowhere in the history of lcn has anyone ever held a ceremonial tittle, so I don't know where you guys get that from
27 1,172 Read More
General Discussion / Other
Yesterday at 04:05 PM
Joe Rogan Experience #1081 - Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying

Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying are former professors of Evolutionary Biology at Evergreen State College..
24 721 Read More
General Discussion / Other
Yesterday at 04:04 PM
Originally Posted by SC
Originally Posted by Don Marco
Billy Graham dies at 99

Breaks my '18 cherry. EVERYONE except Sr Vitelli had picked Graham to enter the cosmos.

56 1,139 Read More
Movies & Television
Yesterday at 03:52 PM
Originally Posted by RollinBones
Originally Posted by DuesPaid
Originally Posted by RollinBones
I like it so far.The lil guy Poppa always has me laughing.


Are you caught up or watching delay?

I'm almost all caught up. Just gotta watch episode 6.

Originally Posted by BlackFamily
I like that they added the Palestinian character ( correct me if I'm wrong on his background) and the cigarette smuggling activity. I'm still trying to figure out Quentin angle and why he return after being in Cuba. What connection he have there and what's his affiliation to this current crew.

Yes , I like that they added that middle eastern Character as well. Its accurate, they have been running the tax stamp scam for a long time. They love to snub there nose at any weak law of America and have the resources ( people) - who are willing to take the risk and flee if caught, they just bring in another group to run the store.

I think Quentins the old boss who retired and came back since he does not like the way things are going down. I also think that Curtis ( the boss of Gang) - may be his Son, so he will spare him.
Just a thought.
Don't know for sure.
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BB Word Games
Yesterday at 03:38 PM
Billy Graham Dead
112 1,183 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 03:24 PM
16 756 Read More
Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 02:23 PM

Alessandra Cerreti’s Tough War to Break the Ruthless Code of Mafias
251 12,442 Read More
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