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The Godfather Trilogy
2 minutes ago
This theory is often floated but nothing I see supports it
I don't believe “Michael blamed and continues to blame Tom for the Corleone's misfortunes”
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General Discussion / Other
3 minutes ago
Just ate dinner, now playing catch up online since I was out of town this weekend.
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Movies & Television
4 minutes ago
Let me know what you think DP.
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Food & Drink
5 minutes ago
Originally Posted by DuesPaid
Originally Posted by hoodlum
Originally Posted by Don Cardi
Originally Posted by Sicilian Babe
I was so full from dinner that I staggered over to the couch and fell asleep. THEN I woke up and posted.

Staggered over to the couch because you were full of food, or full of wine? wink lol

Went 2 dinner 2 nite ...allowed in Philly , finally...2 a wonderful joint called "Zaccones" it's nice ..everything is made in house by generations of Sicilians...wife had the Rabbit Stew..not like any american version...REAL Sicilian stew....I had the Roast Quails stuffed w/ goosenberries & pheasent sauce .....very nice 2 get out again in Phila.... that is some elaborate food.

And here I am excited to be getting a bucket of Kentucky Fuk chicken tonight.

L lolL

lol Hey, the Colonel is finger licking good!
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The Godfather Trilogy
5 minutes ago
No doubt It's one of the many weakest moments in the movie.
Kay dreaded him but she says, "I still love you, Michael, I always will." her horror

Michael spent a lot of time thinking of Kay even as he got married in Sicily Still loved her, his horror

She was deplorable too Abortion scene She didn't ask him to "forgive" her

She never understood nor supportive that he was a top Mafia boss, trying to become a "legitimate" businessman

1. She knew about the band leader's brains or his signature
2. She knew he was Mafia when she married him
3. Connie told her how many men were murdered along with Carlo
4. Happily enjoyed the unholy and evil spoils
5. Legitimacy was blood money laundering
6. When her bedroom was shot up suddenly dawned on her this Sicilian thing must all end

Hypocrite! If there was no shooting she would have continued enjoying the rich and powerful life
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BB Word Games
6 minutes ago
A: Fredo to Michael
Q: Only don't tell me you're innocent. It insults my intelligence. Makes me very angry.
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BB Word Games
7 minutes ago
out of our
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8 minutes ago
Thanks for the feedback DP. I tried it at my gym a few years ago and didn't see much improvement after a few classes so I didn't keep up with it.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
29 minutes ago
Nickel, can better elaborate however, he told me a story about a wake of a Buffalo, LCN member a few years back and If I remember correctly he said guys from Canada, had attended.

I would imagine back in the day it was pretty easy to go across the border obviously not as easy today.

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Organized Crime - Real Life
29 minutes ago
New episode of Mob Fireside Chat now live...

Michael Consolo was a policy racket king and "money man" for the Bonanno Family who paid the price for "jumping the fence" during the vicious Bonanno War of the 1960s.

As always, we look forward to your comments......~LisaB
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Organized Crime - Real Life
38 minutes ago
BostonAttorney no where to be found. Maybe he wants to rescind that VF is the boss lol
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Organized Crime - Real Life
43 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Turnbull
Thanks again, NYM, for another quality bio of an influential and shadowy guy. Kurins and O'Brien had an interesting relationship with him, which they wrote about in "Boss of Bosses."

I did read that book many years ago. Maybe I'll give it another go.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
44 minutes ago
Originally Posted by DuesPaid
Originally Posted by DiLorenzo
She's a hot one !! cool

[Linked Image]

And that s VERY current pic of her. She's still a beauty, but in her youth she was a knockout
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 06:44 PM
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General Discussion / Other
Yesterday at 02:34 PM
Originally Posted by olivant
Well, Larry King is gone.

Maybe no one told him. As of this morning, he's still doing infomercials.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 09:15 AM
The hands of the mafia on packaging, confiscation of 40 million from a member of the Rinzivillo clan

A corporate and real estate assets estimated at 40 million euros were confiscated by soldiers of the Gico of the Economic-Financial Police Unit of the Guardia di Finanza of Catania, in Emanuele 'Elio' Greco, a leading exponent of the Rinzivillo clan, active between Ragusa and Caltanissetta , fruit and vegetable entrepreneur and packaging. The provision was ordered by the Prevention Measures Section of the Catania court. In the past, Greco was definitively convicted of kidnapping, extortion, theft, carrying and possession of weapons.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 08:04 AM
My apologies. just watched it. It sucked.
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Movies & Television
Yesterday at 07:45 AM
Originally Posted by Signor Vitelli
What, nobody's mentioned Frankenhooker? whistle

Signor V.

What..Signor??..U think were all stupid???LOL...Frankenhooker stars the 1 & only wife of Mr. Bob Guccione , & Pet of year Patti Mullen.....whistle ...I know my back in the day pets & playmates..any questions?
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 06:39 AM
Not much has changed since the 1920s, the Golden Triangle is still the number one producer and nothing happens without the consent of the military and militias in Myanmar.
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The Godfather Trilogy
Yesterday at 06:34 AM
Originally Posted by hoodlum
Originally Posted by U talkin' da me ??
The Godfather – Orchestral Suite // The Danish National Symphony Orchestra - DR Koncerthuset

Amazing....2 me...I love that stuff...I especially love when they go into the part of when De Niro is plotting his kill against Masseria (sic}.....Again...thank you...!

U Talkin' da me.....U always put up the best shit....Keep it coming bro...
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 06:08 AM
Originally Posted by DiLorenzo
Originally Posted by azguy
I heard, Alite was going to get the Ruggerio contract

I heard Gianni Russo was gonna be the wheel man but they wanted to keep him behind the scenes !!

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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 04:24 AM
There is so little information compared to the US and Italy, don't forget the 2018 trial in Ontario Superior Court in Toronto was the first ever in Canada to target the 'Ndrangheta as an organized crime group.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
Yesterday at 02:34 AM
Originally Posted by hoodlum
Originally Posted by Lenox
Joe Gallo.
For gods sakes, lets get Agro !!!

Not 4 nuthin' but Tommy Agro was a complete asshole..

i find that statement ridiculous. I guess Demeo, Casso, Gigante were the opposite
of assholes? not 4 nuttin.

NY Mafia
crusher has info on Agro.
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Organized Crime - Real Life
01/23/21 07:10 PM
Dutch police arrest alleged Asian drug syndicate kingpin Tse Chi Lop
Tse Chi Lop was arrested without incident at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.(above).

AMSTERDAM (REUTERS) - Dutch police said on Saturday (Jan 23) they had arrested the alleged leader of an Asian drug syndicate who is listed as one of the world's most-wanted fugitives and has been compared to Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.

Tse Chi Lop, a Chinese-born Canadian national, was detained on Friday at the request of Australian police, who led an investigation that found his organisation dominates the US$70 billion-a-year (S$90 billion) Asia-Pacific drug trade, Dutch police spokesman Thomas Aling said.

Tse is expected to be extradited after appearing before a judge, Aling said, adding that his arrest by national police took place without incident at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport.

"He was already on the most-wanted list and he was detained based on intelligence we received," Aling said.

Dutch police were unable to provide details about the legal proceedings and it was not clear if Tse had a lawyer.

Tse, an ex-convict who formerly lived in Toronto, has moved between Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan in recent years, according to counter-narcotics officers from four countries and documents previously reviewed by Reuters.

"Tse Chi Lop is in the league of El Chapo or maybe Pablo Escobar," Jeremy Douglas, Southeast Asia and Pacific representative for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), told Reuters in 2019, referring to Latin America's most notorious drug lords.

The syndicate he is suspected of running is known to its members as "The Company". Law enforcers also refer to it as "Sam Gor" - or Brother Number Three in Cantonese - after one of Tse's nicknames, Reuters reported at the time.

It was unable to contact Tse for comment on the report.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP), which has taken the lead in a sprawling investigation into the criminal organisation, identified Tse as "the senior leader of the Sam Gor syndicate".

The group has "been connected with or directly involved in at least 13 cases" of drug trafficking since January 2015, the documents showed.
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The Godfather Trilogy
01/23/21 06:36 AM
I think that kind of behavior was too subtle for Paulie. Being greedy usually precludes serious thought other than what he'd do with the money he got. I'm guessing he got the money up front from Sol and Tatt, and just figured (hoped, really) he'd get away with it. Of course there was no way he'd get away with it, but greed blanks out thought of bad consequences.
9 792 Read More
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