No doubt that neither Richie or Feech really respected Tony. My point was that they both should have kept their feelings to themselves,kissed Tony's butt,and made nice. I know that this is totally out of their character. but they could always have made a move on Tony down the road if that's the way they wanted to go. If not,they could have enjoyed a nice, lucrative career. Had they openly shown Tony the respect he deserved regardless of their personal feelings,and not gone off on their own schemes, I think Tony would have probably let them have more freedom to run their own show,much like Paul Castellano did with Neil. Instead,had Janis not killed Richie,I think Tony would have done it sooner than later. I also feel that Tony set Feech up instead of killing him,because he felt a little more sympathy for him. Here was a guy who had a lot of respect and earning power back in the day, did his time,and stood up. Don't get me wrong,if it had to be,then Feech would have been whacked in a minute. I just think that Tony felt a little sorry for him as opposed to Richie,who I think Tony genuinely disliked. Just my two cents worth.