Police declare war on mafia
Killing of hundreds of people is deemed inadmissible

Monday, 13 May 2019 01:00
UPDATE Monday, 13 May 2019 01:00
The murder of a Mafioso in full family reception in Laval last week shocked the police who are now openly declaring war on organized crime to ensure the safety of citizens.

"This is totally unacceptable, immediately dropped the director of the police of Laval, Pierre Brochet, in an interview felt with our Office of investigation. They entered a well-known hotel where there were hundreds of people. They fired several times without worrying about the repercussions. We were just lucky not to lose innocents. "

Salvatore Scoppa, 49, was gunned down with several firearm projectiles inside the Sheraton Hotel, in front of his wife and children on May 4th.

Hearing the many shots fired, several people present believed to be dealing with a mass killer.

"It illustrates the feeling of panic, the impact of this gesture, committed by organized crime," continued Director Brochet, visibly upset. People have been greatly affected by this event. They barricaded themselves, convinced that it was not over. "

Stop The Bandits

The Laval police have implemented the Repercussion project, which aims to increase its presence in places frequented by members of the Mafia or their associates.

In collaboration with the Sûreté du Québec and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, it intends to redouble its efforts by carrying out interventions to repress violent phenomena, in addition to collecting additional information about the underworld.

"The situation has changed. We will be present in these places, in bars and restaurants. We will investigate them repeatedly. We will ask them what they are doing there. Obviously, the ultimate goal is to stop these bandits, "said Mr. Brochet.

Near an arrest

Despite the numerous witnesses to the murder of Scoppa, the perpetrator (s) have not yet been arrested.

However, the police would come closer to arrest.

The "amateurs" who allegedly committed this crime would have simply covered the license plate of the leakage vehicle, a black Ford Explorer, with tape.

- With Maxime Deland, QMI Agency

♦ Another public assassination was perpetrated Friday in Brossard, in a crowded restaurant in Quartier DIX30. Although the victim, Éric-Francis De Souza, seems to have no connection with organized crime, the modus operandi used was similar to that of the murder of Salvatore Scoppa.

The Mafia Salvatore Scoppa was absolutely not suspicious of the danger that awaited him the night he was shot in front of his family in Laval.

The man had greatly reduced his usual protection, learned our Investigation Bureau.

According to our sources, it is presumably without a bodyguard, without a bullet-proof jacket and without weapons that the victim had presented himself at the feast following the first communion of one of his children, in a reception hall of the Sheraton hotel.

These carefree decisions would have been contrary to all his habits.

Scoppa, who usually traveled in an armored car, even used his wife's car to get there.

Anxious and stressed

However, the Mafioso, of Calabrian origin, would have become "stressed and anxious" when he noticed that another evening, attended by guests linked to the Sicilian clan, took place at the same place.

Especially since his brother, Andrea (Andrew) Scoppa, a powerful chieftain, would have had a physical confrontation with "colleagues" in the previous weeks. Note, however, that Andrew Scoppa did not attend the party at the Sheraton.

Funeral canceled

Sign of internal tensions since the murder, the funeral of Salvatore Scoppa that was to take place today in the neighborhood of Little Italy, in Montreal, were canceled, revealed Le Journal yesterday.

The police believe that the deceased's family may have been warned of some "dangers".

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