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"We can understand that they cancel because of the manner in which Mr. Scoppa was murdered," said criminologist Maria Mourani on Saturday. If there are other family members who have contracts on their heads and are executed by these kinds of individuals - who do not respect the Mafia's informal codes - we can expect them to intervene at the funeral ".

Ms. Mourani says she has seen in recent years, since the death of Vito Rizzuto, that since there is more godfather to keep families together, the traditional codes of the mafia are no longer respected as before.

New generations of mafiosi have their own codes, she said.

"They do not like the codes of their fathers or grandfathers, and they do a little bit of what they want to do at the assassination level, for example. In the mafia, we do not kill people in front of their families, we pay attention. [...] We try to have as few witnesses as possible, too. The case of Mr. Scoppa, it was done very visibly [...], it is a little unusual.