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It also did not work with Castellano as he was arrested and sent to trial. Not sure if he was cunning and calculated enough to maneuver around everything and make the gambino’s a multi billion dollar enterprise after all of that.

Despite what some say Paul was probably the best candidate at the time. Sure he wasnt a street boss but white collar rackets and labor racketeering was the future and Paul fit that. Neil as respected as he may of been was
Basically a thug who was constantly under indictment or surveillance

They say paul wasn't gangster but he had killed himself and was ready to whack out anybody who f*cked around his say

He was the best boss if you ask me, ruthless, smart just not too calculated nor well liked because of supposed greed

JOHN GOTTI was definetely the worst boss there was beside Ralph Natale, wish Paul whacked out the Gottis early on
For one we'd rid ourselves of some awful mob movies

"No one's ever gonna kill me, they wouldn't dare." - Carmine Galante

In the mob, you're either at the dinner table, or on the menu.