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I would prefer mobsters in my neighborhood over sp*cs and crips doing drivebys at wafflehouse and selling crack to kids over the McDonalds counter.

So in other words you don't mind being robbed by your own kind.

That was not the point Oaks, I'm saying there are more traumatized grandmothers because of street gangs rather than scam organizations

I would prefered to be scammed contra being robbed at gunpoint by Tyrone and his seven brothers.

You do realise all the mob families are heavily involved with drugs and don't have any moral compunction about who they sell it to?

There are at least a thousand, conservative estimate, members of organised crime in the states of New York and New Jersey. Is there a college these people attend to get a degree in the mafia, or more likely, these people are in to the same petty street crime as the black gang members you refer to before they're recruited into the mafia.

What do you think gangs like the Tanglewood Boys are for?

Hell, the Philadelphia LCN is basically a more organised, slightly finessed version of traditional black street gangs.

I had to laugh reading at Persico's rap sheet, too. Attempted rape one of the myriad things he was accused of. Like people such as him or Franzese or Cacace have any moral higher ground over anyone else.

He had a stable home life, his father a law firm stenographer. His son intelligent enough to attend a good college.

It's not like black inner-city kids raised by junkie mothers in single-parent homes surrounded by an institutionally biased system have opportunities like that.

I don't want to sound racist but statistically speaking you are more likelly to get stabbed, mugged, raped and killed by some other ethnic groups rather than italians. I just think priorities are wrong. I would prefer a harder line on these harder, more violent gangs rather than a bunch of gloryfied scam artists with a few killers in their organization.
Then again I would like to point out that the US government are selling drugs in other countries, they sell guns to millitias and fanatics and deliberately destabilize other, weaker countries which in turn makes millions suffer.
I am NOT saying LCN is great and good, but they are so much better than many others.

"No one's ever gonna kill me, they wouldn't dare." - Carmine Galante

In the mob, you're either at the dinner table, or on the menu.