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Of course, no problem JC.

Cool. I mean i was just trying to be honest from what ive heard. I wasnt a Howard Beach resident but my father did work as a cop in the city where a lot of mob figures were including the bergin crew. Even people who he talked to or his fellow cops talked seemed to"like" gotti but it was more fear. He described it to me as "battered wife syndrome"

Wasn't a black man the victim of a modern day lynching by Gotti supporters back in 1986? Plus he had his neighbor dissolved in acid. And he wasn't in the life. If I was a resident of that part of New York I would have Stockholm syndrome too when it comes to these people.

No a Black man was not lynched by Gotti supporters, a Black man was killed in fight with White teenagers in Howard Beach, but none were Gotti supporters, friends, or even knew him. There was no lynching. There was. fight between a few adults who were Back and a larger group of White teens who came after them following an initial confrontation where the teens were outnumbered. The leader of the White teens was the son of a New York Police captain, he turned states evidence. His name was Reilly I think. He was the only one with a previous bias case arrest for attacking a Jewish man with a fire extinguisher. I wish you would not bring up race to make a point, especially when it has no truth to it.

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