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I am in no way making an angel out of him The thread is about why he was liked by so many people. I discuss it without feeling the need to point out every other sentence that he committed crimes. Where did I make him an angel? Show me. I stuck to the topic, and had to go through all sorts of crap like pointing out that if a gangster like Galante was called likable I'd disagree. Where do you get me making him an angel?

If you don't think he is an angel or admire him, then maybe I misunderstood some things you said, but what I meant is that you didn't seem to blame Gotti for anything at all. He ordered murders, and even if he did some good things too, I don't believe he was being sincere, but that he just wanted to cover his crimes. Gangsters often help their communities, Gotti wasn't neither the first nor the last to do so. I am not trying to force my opinion on you, but that's what I think about mob "godfathers".

No problem, I understand you, but I am just trying to stick to why so many found him likable. Do you have any idea why those who knew him who were civilians liked him so much?