Dues do you think Richie was in the right to sell coke on the garbage routes for Junior?

I can certainly understand why he did it. Him getting out of prison and wanting to earn and not being welcomed by Tony. Also the incident with Davey Scatino at the card game and Tony wouldn't let him collect on his loan.

If he and Junior were really serious about taking out Tony (obviously Junior never was) Richie should have done whatever Tony wanted. Yes boss whatever you say boss. And when Tony thinks he's got a loyal soldier...2 in the head.

But Richie didn't have that in him. Like Junior said when talking to Bobby about Richie. "He couldn't sell it. We're better off with Tony" and then Bobby answers with the hilarious line "Sometime I'm in awe of you"

But yes I agree with you about Beansie. In that life the way Beansie responded with the "I'll step up" after saying that he had a beating coming no doubt.