Even during the glory days of the mob before RICo and witness protection to be involved as an associate or even after you got made it was a dangerous way to make a living. All the shit about honor and glory is bullshit. Many assosiates and up dissapeared and presumed wacked.
That life is so full of backstabbing, greed, paranoia it isnt funny. Anyone ever notice the cancer rate among wiseguys? Ok most used to be heavy smokers but I think just the stress of living that life gets you sick, almost all of them had bad tickers. I know some guys that have been made and many more that are hangers on and from what I see the great majority at the end of their life if you tabulate the stress, prison, getting killed at the very end they broke even to blue collar work. If you make 250K a year clear for a 5 year run but than do 8 years in jail comes out to 100K a year? not for me. The federal laws now are ridiculous if you have an Italian last name and do a minor federal crime they give you the max.