@ eurodave

Agreed about the article, one of the best ones in a long time. But we're used to it coming from Daniel Renaud, who is seemingly the most informed journalist.

Also agreed about Vito and his meeting in Toronto. I've been saying that is how I think it occured as well and it makes sense. At the time it was reported New York reps also attended.

It's also interesting that the Arcuris and Pietrantonio are in the picture again. Last we've heard they were in hiding.

It also seems like Sollecito can either relinquish or be clipped so business can continue. I can imagine the tough position the guy is in, facing cancer and or a bullet.

@ Ciment

I tend to disagree that the decisions are made by Toronto. I think Montreal is capable to handle its own affairs. Ofcourse there's no denying that Toronto has become more influential over the years and it seems the balance of power has shifted to some degree.

@ Sintraclub,

It has not been stated that Leonardo Rizzuto conspired with Boucher to murder Desjardins, but it's kind of obvious that he had a hand in it. The contract more than likely came from the Rizzuto group. Also, at the time of Desjardins' arrest it was reported that the Bonannos placed a contract on him.

"It was between the brothers Kay -- I had nothing to do with it."