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Keep pretending the mob aren't some of the main purveyors and main profiteers of drugs.

Do you live in about 1965, moe? That hasn't been true in many decades. Philly's best racket in 00s was fucking slot machines in italian bars. Despite all the allegations in your posts, the feds never charged conduct other than that. So in the end, we spent tens of millions of dollars for a few chickenshit convinctions on slot machines.

If you think this is about anything else than prosecutors getting their "case" and moving on to white shoe law firms or politics- I got a bridge to sell you. I went to school with these people, I know what they are all about.

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Should probably ask Mr. Kierney. I guess if you're Italian, you should be in prison.
I've read the RICO Act, and I can tell you it's more appropriate...
for some of those guys over in Washington than it is for me or any of my fellas here