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I know that the Italians will only only use one undertaker. Then the sons take over and the next generation uses the sons as undertakers. Is this the same for mob guys? What is the significance of an undertaker?

There was an undertaker in east Harlem that we all used. Cordovano they moved from Harlem to a place called Carmel, NY.

We still use them the name as changed to something like Belsamo-Cordovano. Someone kicks off they come bring the stiff to the funeral home of your choice. Put the dead guy in the OB in a paper. Do they still print papers any more?

They treat you like old friends who you can't really remember smile

They make sure everyone has a good time when a loved one kicks off.

In my case my wife will use some guy her family knows. Me fuck that just want to be buried at my soccer field so I don't miss any games just because I am dead. It is illegal to do what I want to do. I already made arrangements for it to happen my way.

I don't want any one at my service when I go.my family knows that my wife is upset about it.

We have a plot here in Brooklyn. She actually thought we will be buried together. I told her if we die at the same time then ok. If not just think of it as separate vacations.


You've already made arrangements for your illegal burial but you know you're gonna end up in that plot in Brooklyn if you go first smile
My husband and I have agreed that if I'm suffering in pain he's gonna drive me to the desert put two behind the ear and let nature finish the rest wink just kidding.

Good stuff Footreads.