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There was an undertaker in east Harlem that we all used. Cordovano they moved from Harlem to a place called Carmel, NY.

They're still there. They're partners with Ralphie Balsamo now in the Carmel location (and being that Ralphie's a made guy, I guess it's appropriate of this website lol).

Anyway, I did a lot of work out of Harlem when I first started in the funeral business. I know the Cordovanos all my life. Hell, I was doing pallbearer carries for New York Mortuary on First Avenue when I was like 15 years old. That's 1974-1975.

Louie on 116th. Casario on 106th. There were a dozen little storefront funeral homes in East Harlem back then. Today Ortiz owns most of them.

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