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I was watching History Channel 2 and learned that Al Capone had a brother who was a Prohibition agent. Vincenzo was much older and supposedly murdered someone right in front of Al when Al was just a kid. After Al became infamous, Vincenzo changed his last name.

He changed his name to Richard Hart, and also served as a law enforcer in Indian territories, later a justice of the peace.

I was watching a doc on prohibition who had Deidra Capone the niece of Al Capone. Now I don't know if she's credible or not but according to her this is what she said about her uncle Al and his brother. She said that during a riot/fight that they were both involved in on the street, Al told his brother Vincenzo you ended up killing that fella. He felt so bad about it he changed his ways becoming R. Hart moving away. Well one day they got together and were reminiscing about the old days and that story came up. Well Al told his brother you know you never killed that guy and Vincenzo couldn't believe it and punched Al. Now like I said I have no idea if this Deidra is making up a good story or what but that's what she said on that documentary that aired recently.